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    The Defence of the Castle

    Version 1.06 Released! See "Change log" for an overview of the changes and "development log" for even more details! This is a fairly moderate patch with some item-mechanic changes (specifically healing items and how they interact with AoE or extreme attack-speed), changes to Hattori Hanzou to...
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    Need Help with Strafe and Multiple shot archer

    Note that (Target unit of ability being cast) is not safe after the wait, meaning that if you cast another spell with another unit within those 10 seconds, it points to the wrong unit. You'd need to track the target, storing it in a variable
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    Damage Engine

    I'm not sure, but NextDamageIsAttack causes my trigger with FILTER_ATTACK to not trigger. When I look within the engine, I see that the "isCode"-variable is set if NextDamageIsAttack = true, witch is wierd imo. I solved it by removing all NextDamage..., becuase the triggered damage was...
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    Can there be more than 1 unit with this passive? Is it a learned passive? Does the unit exist in start of map or do you "pick" a hero? Is it even a hero? The basics are: 1. Have an initialize trigger, if it is a learned ability or you have a hero picking system, add the hero to a unit-group...
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    The Defence of the Castle

    Version 1.05 Released! See "Change log" for an overview of the changes and "development log" for even more details! This version comes with 7 new items (2 gadgets, 2 basic items, 3 advanced), several item adjustments, 1 new Diabolic Special Trait, Diabolics are now tintend, few enemy gold...
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    [Development] CliCli Incubation Program!

    It depends on what you define as "see your map triggers". If a scrambled mess that result in same thing in-game, but it barely editable due to variable names, function names etc. being shortened and/or optimized, you are technically correct. But in reality, probably not. It's likely easier to...
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    Good mechanic thing. Very useful :)
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    Another excellent icon from a legend, creating a ton of useful Icons over many years :) IMO this could use some touch ups on the top swirl in the background, making it slightly smoother with sparkles or something, but extremely useful as is! Thanks for all the icons!
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    Another extremely well made icon by NFWar :)
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    [Crash] Slider-Based Trigger Leak

    The ones you disabled to confirm that they were very likely the cause of issues, (hopefully) fixed leak in Loc3 assignment and (hopefully) removed unneeded remove of Loc3 (in the other trigger).
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    [Crash] Slider-Based Trigger Leak

    Can you post the latest slide triggers? It'd make it more clear with less assumptions on my part (and assumptions can easily miss details).
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    [Crash] Slider-Based Trigger Leak

    Good question. Not that I can see in the triggers above. I'd look for leaks in stuff that runs a lot (I.E. short timers or large groups typically), points and groups are most common and maybe excessive unit-creation (do you have a ton of dummies?). btw, Slide2 removes Loc3 but does not use...
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    How to create a frame spinner?

    I don't know how to do "inputs" (where you can write using keyboard) in RUID or FDF, but just placing text-labels (one with "date" and one with the value), two buttons with "/\" and "\/" on top of each other and make triggers to add/remove from a value and make one of text-labels get its text...
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    [Crash] Slider-Based Trigger Leak

    In this trigger, Loc3 does not use Loc1 for its "initial position", so that's a leak per unit per 0.03 seconds.
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    Decent icon for the model, but not too special