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    cuz the "wind" is a difirent model, i think. Well, anyway, this is nothing original (becouse the BM anims were used too much, but that's not your foult) but still tooks nice, good luck with your modeling man.
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    recolor?! dude, recolor is when you use a thing in PS called "Replace Color" and just replace it with anothe color, and\or just paint the existing skin into another color. And this is nothing close to beeing a recolor :lol:
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    well almost the same, and it's not a scar, it's a tatoo, night elves have thos.
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    you can find more info on wc3c:
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    Sylvanas (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    Sylvanas (Texture)

    here's something i did, thought i'd put it up here, on wc3search. This is still kinda WIP (the bow) but it's basicly a WoW Sylvanas. I added a lot of my own things to her, but she still looks good :D Hope you guys will like it. By the way, you can use it on the sylvanas (evil) model and on...
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    eeh, not much of a robot, but good anyway
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    who sad that it's a birdMAN ? :lol: Well, anyway, that skin is quite nice But the lighting on the sward is kinda wierd, it's like the sword is not streight.
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    Don't know, It should be fine... I have just tried to import it into another map and it's working ok. maby the "/" thingy isn't correct? Try putting it like this Textures\Ranger.blp
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    yeah afcores, that would be good :D
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    Forest Priestess

    not bad, preaty not bad, tho she does look more like a root priestess then a frorest prieastess (too many roots), but i agree with what erwt sad.
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    well, Caden i don't know how, but it shows up when i load it...
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    nah, it wasn't trouble, but i leared how to draw an elf ear :lol:
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    well, it's ok, but he's a bit fatter then the original C3PO
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    hehe, thanks. And yap, it sure is a freehand. But one thing isn't, the moon on her leg... and nope, the ear isn't recolor, i'm just not a master of recoloring and couldent recolor it :oops: so i did it like this: First slightly painted it pink, and then with another layer did the shading...