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Mar 29, 2020 at 7:54 PM
Jul 2, 2011


I act first

Sadness Sep 16, 2019

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Mar 29, 2020 at 7:54 PM
    1. Amargaard
      You know, the bad guys will then start to fear the mask instead, and in the end probably try to kill whoever wears it - like the villains fear super heroes and attempt to murder them, even though they don't know the heroes' true identity. I don't think it makes much of a difference, except if the mask-wearing person does his job smoothly :)

      BTW, have you seen V for Vandetta? Sounds sort of like such a plot :b
    2. Amargaard
      So are you making a comic, or an actual book? Fantasy or based on real events? Genre?

      What you just revealed do sound nice indeed ^^
    3. Amargaard
      Yup, I still stick around - I intend to leave the place one day, but appears I'm still too tied to the people and the community here, than to just leave like that..
      Especially because I just got promoted, this January, to maintainer of this lovely group. Kaelicious it's called, and I'm proud to say that it is the only active roleplaying group left on the Hive ^^
      You should totally check it out if you have nothing to do anyways - we currently have a story going where the servants of Cupid the God of Love, fight against maniacs who believe in Mania, the Goddess of Insanity. The story got quite epic in the long run if you ask me, but it ends in a few days - but I dunno, you might like it there, and better yet, you might get some inspiration for your book!! :b

      What is that book you are writing anyway? Explain please C:
    4. Ralle
      Unfortunately I am not qualified to be a map moderator :).
    5. Ralle
    6. Amargaard
      Oh, I know him - it's just that there's a lot of Warlords in here so needed to be sure who we spoke of. Yeah, me and Ajer'laroir have been chatting a lot back in the days, but yeah, it's been a while now, but then again, I've grown a lot less connected to the Hive the latest couple of years, and not being able to sit on this website constantly also means that it's hard to keep connected to all those people - but no worries, it might come again, when time is right :)

      Well, I'm not good with that sort of things, and my own PC's broken at the moment (Borrowed my mum's laptop for the time being), but ask on the Forums - there's lots of helpful souls there :)
    7. Amargaard
      Nobody owns me man, I'm a free person! :O
      And who's that warlord with a crush on me, you say? :3 <3
    8. Amargaard
      Yup, sorry, and yeah the link you just sent :b

      Oh, and hi ^^
    9. Amargaard
      Uhmmmm.. bro, that link, you gave me, only directs me to the average Hive Workshop Forums? :)
    10. Amargaard
      I'm currently without access to Warcraft III and World Editor - sorry bro :l
      I'd love to, once I get it back however :)
    11. -Kobas-
      Sorry map that have isn't really playable.
      All I can offer right now is uploaded version.
    12. Amargaard
      Amargaard proudly presents: Avataria
      Please take a look at it :)
    13. Bugz
      I am sorry, but i am not that active anymore.
    14. ap0calypse
      I cannot see your map, it may have been rejected by the mods.
    15. Orcnet
      lol I ain't doing no jobs here man, but getting girls are a hobby :D
    16. Amargaard
      What I told you - don't underestimate the powers of terrain, but sure thing, if you hand me the map :)
    17. Ironside
      I don't review maps anymore.
    18. Kl3sk
      Raw gameplay it is!
    19. Orcnet
      all right mate, but I might use some crafty words about it :P
    20. HFR
      I uninstalled wc3 months ago, I can't test it.
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Blood Elf
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    Kirin Tor


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