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Apr 4, 2020 at 7:10 PM
Jul 2, 2011


I act first

Sadness Sep 16, 2019

TheLordOfChaos201 was last seen:
Apr 4, 2020 at 7:10 PM
    1. StoPCampinGn00b
      Lol wut. Can you restate that I don't get it.
    2. StoPCampinGn00b
      Why are you friending me?
      I will friend you when this is settled until we understand each other >.>
    3. StoPCampinGn00b
      Don't care attitude? Do you not understand I was going to try and send moderator an approval note because you are the second to last on the last page? I edited my post so you would not be disappointed for not filling out the review, making it look like a mistake. So I dom't have to ask you to excuse myself from family problems. Who the hell wanted you to improve the graphics, I've never heard of a 'graphics' enhancer, I downloaded the map and I see nothing related to changing WC3 graphics. If you wanted me to edit to post to: "Sorry I was going to help you but I can't" since you are angry about how I didn't want to disappoint you, so be it.

      I've been here for a year, I've seen maps get rejected and approve for not to long. Hell, I haven't even memorized the staff. But I do know, that I deserve an apology from you for calling me an idiot. Sorry for trying to help and you taking it the wrong way when I deleted my comment so you wouldn't be disappointed...

      The reason I am one of the very few who participate in the pending section is because I actually care for map makers getting approved, others don't even know that section exists.

      EDIT: excuse me for my grammar and spelling errors, I'm on a mobile phone. I have no time for computer.
    4. StoPCampinGn00b
      A note, it seems you are seeing the bad side of everything so far, even though I don't see it on Hive.
    5. StoPCampinGn00b
      You think I'm lying, really. I put my damn 40 line template down for you, and yes there is an edit button. I shouldn't even have considered to help you. I am on around 7 WC3 websites and I've never heard of Filefront.

      Judged me, and had to put me down for it. The last 10 messages not including you are from friends, many of them joking. Judging you, you seem like you have tention with other members because the way you are. I'll be glad if you leave. You are the first person I met on here that I am glad is leaving.

      You have one message to prove to me something you want, then I will decide if I will block you from me in all the forums.
    6. StoPCampinGn00b
      If you wanted a rejection, you could have asked a moderator. In all honesty, I was going to review your map but family got in the way. I put my template down, played for a few minutes, but I had to go.

      I'm one of the only ones who check the last pages of the pending section. My job is to approve or reject maps based on evaluation, but a moderator needs to see it and is like the quality control.

      For moderators, Hell Master is the only active, Orcnet innactive, -Kobas- gone for a while. We get multiple maps a day. It seems like there are only two-three of us official map reviewers up also.

      You're the first person to call me as a jerk or something equivalent to it on Hive.
    7. StoPCampinGn00b
      That hurts, why do you have to judge like that?
    8. Amargaard
      Yo... I still think you are a shit for stealing credit, you know...

      But I would have played that map and provided you feedback anyway, if only I could. My computer's down, and it have been like that for more than a half year now. So my feedback will have to wait 'till I can finally open up a World Editor again...


      Working on maintaining the on-going roleplay, Kaelicious. Working on PR-material for the Power Plant's upcoming Helsingør Festival. Working on preparing for another week-long huuuge festival starting tomorrow, called Roskilde Festival. You?
    9. warcraftpatch
      please help
      does any one have previous version of the chosen one?
      please tell me if u have
      can i download it from somewhere
    10. Xian
      I've played Diablo II when I was young, an M rated game I'm sure you know of. :D I know I wasn't supposed to play it back then. (I was 11 when I made my account here.) That's why I got used to drawing undead stuff. xD
    11. Amargaard
    12. Amargaard
      DeviantART is the place where every artist, including both digital and traditional artists and even photographers, gather together and upload their artwork for all to see. Myself included :)
      But don't you ever dare steal someone's art and claim it as your own again! That is truly very disrespectful behavior, and unfair to the original creator!

      Man, I know the feeling, and it feels horrible when you end up disappointing those you promised to help - so if I can give you a bit of personal advice, then go finish your tasks. Motivate yourself into it, and then afterwards, don't give out new promises if you don't feel like pulling yourself into lots of new work and responsibility.

      What? Kicks? I don't wanna kick people.. O.o
      I'm talking about a nearby concert hall, that holds regular parties for all who come by and accepts the entry price. And I fucking got in!! HELL YEAH!! I am now the one and only PR-responsible board member in "the Power Plant"! :D
    13. Amargaard
      What album? The one about the art you like, where one can easily see the different pieces have completely different styles, and also that the descriptions reveal who actually made them. As an artist, I'd like to tell you that bragging about the works of others is totally wrong and unfair. Your kewlness just decreased for art theft is not kewl bro...

      Wait a second... *Angrily ragequits the room and comes back with a happy face*
      But yeah, you're right, I have plenty of things in my life other than Warcraft - I've had that for several years :b
      What about you?

      Oh yeah, nothing like seeing the finished piece of a product which you worked so hard on to complete. I've never experienced it with maps, because I never get to finish them for some reason, but fortunately I know the feeling from my drawing and roleplaying and wiki-editing and lots of other things. Anyways, I wish you good luck with it ^^

      For me, I must go to a meeting in an hour, and hear out if I'm able to get a permanent seat at the Board of Directors in "the Power Plant", a local party place. After that, be on the Hive the whole day - I do in fact have much to do here, after being away Friday and Saturday :)
    14. TaShadan
      Thx. Would be nice to have a working AI.
    15. Heinvers
      Gosh you're so funny. Chaosy is the leader of this project :)
    16. Heinvers
      LOL. Well I'm the terrainer, well the lazy one.
      Chaosy will tell you more. Yes I'll tease you more just to make you mad :D
    17. Heinvers
      Thank you for showing interest for Tales of the Scarlet Crusade :)
    18. Amargaard
      You on the other hand sounds like a kewl guy! Wow :D
      And what do you mean life isn't a game? It's totally a game, where players either win or lose, but mostly something in between. Can't argue with that :)

      Alright, alright, I admit I do like to draw and write too, just being creative actually. I like to organize wikis, and spend time with friends and family, and probably also lots of other things I've forgotten ^^
    19. TaShadan
      still interested in helping me out with the AI?
    20. Amargaard
      You would like to see me make a fool out of myself, getting beaten halfly to death by a criminal gang in a clip on YouTube? O.o

      Hobbies? PARTYING & ROLEPLAYING for short, that's pretty much it :3
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