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Last Activity:
Feb 24, 2020
May 12, 2007



TheImmortalOne was last seen:
Feb 24, 2020
    1. sanson
      Hi, i'm Sanson and i like make webpage to map BattleShipspro of WarCraft3. i can buy the domain and host, but i need all info form the map, commands, bugs, versions... can you helpmeĀæ?
    2. RED BARON
      Hope you'll return to create more ships some day. Perhaps for Sc2?
    3. Cokemonkey11
      You should release 99 publicly. I hate the feeling that battleships is going to die when the hive is still so active with warcraft 3.
    4. i_mOck_death
      Yo richard wats up
    5. Cokemonkey11
      Hey man

      Are you still working on battleships?

      I played a game of 99 the other day.
    6. LexX
      My project is about 90% finished to the first official version=)
      I know that I already wrote to you, but I still want to know your opinion^_^
      WotL - War of the Lords
    7. Tridinar
      Hi there, I know in the past you had mentioned that you were never going to add/make your Smota maps with AI. I was wondering if you were ever reconsidering. If not, is there any way I can make a post in the forum to find any scripters that would be interested in using your map to implement AI? Thanks. I love your maps and it is very underplayed on Battle.Net so it would be nice to play at home by myself still, I am sure there are others that may feel the same way. Either way you decide, it will not stop me from loving and playing your maps. Thanks, Tridinar.
    8. Paladon
    9. Code Lyoko
      Code Lyoko
      Hai TheImmortalOne! :D How's it going?
    10. LexX
    11. TKF
      Night Elven Invasion :D



    12. i_mOck_death
      well my computers fixed now but i will be out of town next 4 days >> ill try to get on today >>
    13. i_mOck_death
      immo my main comp broke and it wont be fixed till thursday. and all i have left is my crappy comp which cant run wc3 and it is to frustrating to use so i probably wont be getting back to you until my comp is fixed.
    14. i_mOck_death
    15. Tridinar
      Thank You, I accept.
    16. Ochibi
      Wow... I just found out I had two notifications. >.> Took me long enough, haha.
    17. LordDarkon
      My question mark avatar is totally fine just the way it is!!!
    18. Sgt. Johnson
      Sgt. Johnson
      dude get on east and invite me to teh clan!
    19. Dinah
      You convinced me ;)
    20. Dinah
      I hardly played battleships yet ...

      why do you think I should join this group?
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    I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.
    -Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
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