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    How to import spells

    I don't understand what you mean. Are you upset that I announced that a user received a warning? If thats the case, then you might want to go here. ~The_Raven
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    How to import spells

    Lol! I don't know how I missed this post for 3 days. Needless to say kideternity gets a warning. By the way, if anyone can write a better tutorial for importing spells, I'd be glad to add it to the FAQ (giving full credit of course). ~The_Raven
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    Poll removed. ~The_Raven
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    How to import spells

    Read the FAQ. Locked ~The_Raven
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    how i make own spells :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

    Theres a difference between "Frequently Asked Questions" and "Exrtaordinarily Obvious Questions." ~The_Raven
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    Tell me how u get those little pics by ur name in posts!

    Author warned, post moved... Anything I forgot? ~The_Raven
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    General Spell-Question

    Triggers/JASS can GREATLY enhance any spell. Problems are created when the programming is incorrect. Try and use triggers for making your spells - if done right, it is worth it. ~The_Raven
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    The thing Cenarius used to revive the trees

    When a unit casts a dummy ability, use the regrowth action to regrow the trees. I don't remember the exact name of the trigger, but I do know that its a destructable trigger. ~The_Raven
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    spell book

    However, you can add all the spells you want and then enable/disable them by trigger. ~The_Raven
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    Wow, I've been slacking off...

    ...but no more. I'm finally going to get caught up this weekend, but I need use you guys' help. Please report any spells or posts that you find to violate the rules - either by posting them here or by Pming me. Thanks! ~The_Raven
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    Attention all TToR users!

    It has recently been discovered (thanks to Daelin) that spells made using TToR do not display the following information improperly on this site: Spell Map Name, Spell Author, & Spell Info. It is unknown what the cause of this problem is. If you have a spell that is affected, you can remedy...
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    help needed BADLY!!!

    Not even worth commenting on. Locked. ~The_Raven
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    a unit is ordered a order targeting a point doesn't work

    No, Trackables are not destructables. Look in the Fullscreen Inventory spell for an example of how to use them. ~The_Raven
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    Spell Trouble: Order unit to target a RANDOM unit?

    Under Preferences, there is an option about it. If a Fixed Random Seed is enabled, then when you test your map, everything that is suppoesed to be random isn't. For example, when you use Pick a Random Unit, the same unit will be picked everytime you run the trigger. ~The_Raven