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    Projectile System 2 v1.3

    I've been playing with this for the past few days, and really like it. I have little to no experience with triggers, but I found this very easy to use. (Though, as Bribe said previously, your test map's abilities are mostly not working.) Two questions, though. Firstly, is there any way to...
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    Joe's Quest GOLD

    I loved it. Amazing fun, very funny, and there are parts where you need your brain (eg.: minefield in ch.4). However, I don't know if this is a singular incident, but when I took the left path and met the humans with the orc X, the cinematic stopped. I mean he killed the gate and three...
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    Buffs-Create,Edit,and How-to-use

    The other buff tutorial- - was much better. This one is unclear and has little information.
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    Buffs: All about buffs

    How do you make buffs more powerful? eg.: increase speed is faster or slower I'm trying to make an abiliy –run– based on the immolation ability, so that it drains mana as it is used. I gave the ability the 'speed bonus' buff, but the unit moves at the same speed as one not using the ability.
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    MUI Advanced Equipment System (+Save/Load +Event)

    I love it. I also like how you put detail in the map as well, just for the sake of it.
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    Advanced Camera, Keyboard & Movement System

    All of it is amazing! However, why are there items if you have no inventory? I mean the unit you control possesses no inventory, and yet you placed three orbs of frost. I don't see why you'd place them if you can't pick them up.
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    I'm usin' it in a map I be makin' (Evolution), I'll give yer full credit fer der model. Great model!
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    Very well done, but the keep don't fit.
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    Looks like a church. (without a cross)
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    Norse Stronghold

    Very complex. Useful in many things.
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    Very useful for a battlefield.
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    Good, but kinda straight.
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    Cool model. Looks like somebody hit his buddy in the bar with it.
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    Great tool, but the image makes it look like it is diagonal to the ground.
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    Much better than the original.