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Last Activity:
Oct 17, 2011
Oct 7, 2006

Awarded Medals 1

Jun 2, 1989 (Age: 31)
Home Page:


#THE_Legion General, 31, from ...?

THE_END was last seen:
Oct 17, 2011
    1. 1)ark_NiTe
      Hey just checking if you have made any progress on that skin? I'm looking to have a new version released in mid May.
    2. 1)ark_NiTe
      Awesome Awesome, let me know when you've finished! Thanks
    3. -Grendel
      Hey sir, I apologize for the words I said to you.....I was just dissapoited because my hardwork didn't pay off......I'm sorry sir, but please if you reject my skins at least give me some suggestions how to improve it^^

      Sincerely, Ampharos_222
    4. 1)ark_NiTe
      Hey THE_END, I have a request for you. I understand you may not be taking requests but I hope you'll consider this. You've done work for me before on the Death Knight's skin in Against the Darkness. It was a superb skin and I still get compliments on it in game.

      I was wondering if you could draw another skin this time. I am creating a new Death Knight, this time the race is Orc and he is using Thrall's model (on the black wolf). The request is for a evil-looking Knight that still keeps that Orcish feel to him. Could you help me out?
    5. 67chrome
      Oh, all right. Do you still want to do the toys theme?
    6. Dentothor
      are you going to host the competition? if you want, I can host it for you. Because would seriously like to see this started before new years.
    7. 67chrome
      rock paper scissors eh? Well let me know what time to go in the chat room then ;)
    8. 67chrome
      Toys sounds good to me - should I host it or do you want to?
    9. 67chrome
      Nice to see you'r back :)
      I just finished judging texturing contest #15, so #16 is that much closer to being hosted :)
      anyways, the two main ideas I think it should be is either a nature/night elf conversion theme or a toys/circus/holiday theme. nature got the most votes in the poll started for what the next theme should be, but the toys option was added to said poll after it was up for a while, and seems an entertaining idea and a fitting one for the time of year :)
    10. Dentothor
      its great to see you back THE_END :3
    11. yakonshus
    12. The_Grapist
      Hey,how are u?
    13. Xezko
      Where is ma praiz! D:
    14. rcshaggy
      Hey man.
      I really like your skins and models.
    15. The Panda
    16. The Panda
      The Panda
      Sorry for Friend Request, just adding friends.
    17. FrIkY
      Oh, happy birthday, THE_END! May your life be filled with joy and hapiness (and awesome skins, too)!
    18. Hawkwing
      Happy Birthday! :D
    19. Deathcom3s
      Looks like we've got the same Birthday.
    20. AntoMarc
      happy birthday! =)
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  • About

    Jun 2, 1989 (Age: 31)
    Home Page:
    Current Project:
    Getting my scholar on
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US East
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Blood Knights
    I love music, its pretty awesome
    uhhh, drawing comes second in awesomeness

    guitaring, drawing, skinning


    For The Legion
    Infernal Productions
    To Do List
    1. Finish Nathrezim Undertaker
    2. Finish Nathrezim Dark Rider
    3. Finish Corrupt Kael
    4. Finish Cervantes
    5. Finish Darkfallen *******
    6. Kim Kardashian
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