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The Weird Human
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Mar 8, 2018
Jun 5, 2010

The Weird Human

Farewell, Grendel RIP, from Philippines

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Mar 8, 2018
    1. Orcnet
      oh okay and looks like a found a tutorial about it XD
    2. Orcnet
      by the way TWH, is it okay if I ask a model request? :)
      its really simple like turning a model into a ghost-like form
    3. Orcnet
      I don't know much about medtech but it looks like your course only has a board exam, no thesis involved but it still depends on the subjects including some 'professors' lol
    4. Orcnet
      yeh its easy if it won't take you all 3 sems to pass and forget how to live lmao XD
      what's your course btw? and I forgot to add i.t doesn't have boards so that's kinda cool, also if you go check out the kiddie books in national book store, you will spot drawing books and stickers from mlp: friendship is fantastic :D
    5. Orcnet
      yes it is mostly affected in computer-related studies like css, i.s or i.t(my course) you will need a group like 2-4 people, but some courses doesn't have it but instead, a 2 day board exam lol XD

      and it depends on the course, like in i.t for ue, you start taking the thesis subject by 3rd year until the first sem of 4th year, so that takes 3 sem to finish and it also depends if your going to pass because their are a lot of bias panels(professors that will ask questions about the defense of your thesis) in my course :D
    6. Orcnet
      lol if only I got time but somehow everyday is my thesis day D:
      like night time is the only rest day I have damn my thesis, and I'll try to survive it for 3 semesters
    7. Ralle
      Thank you for your interest in applying as a staff member, but we have a policy that we find those we need instead of letting people apply.

      Thank you for your support.
    8. trolman
      Hows it going?
    9. UndeadImmortal
      Hello! :cgrin:
    10. Orcnet
      just realize that cartoon network ph took out one of hub tv's favourite show: transformers prime, what the hell? can't they pull out mlp for once? oh and guess what the show will premiere for both season1 & 2 :/
    11. iChaos
      Waw Pinoy! Pasali naman po sa group na sinasabi nilang "RPS". >:D (Pinoy Resources Society)

      Kung sabi ni Garithos/Tresdin : "We humans must stick together"

      Ang masasabi ko naman : " Kailangan tayong mga Pinoy mag kaisa!"

      Hahahaha :)
    12. Orcnet
      horay! thanks man and FEU? fuuuuuuuuuu--- y u not choose UE? oh in other words that's a good choice, some professors are a real ass in grades and their stuff in UE :p
    13. Orcnet
      thanks a ton, don't worry I'll do my best to keep it clean >:D
    14. BiboyCandia
      Many of us want to join. Pls. let us join
    15. BiboyCandia
      Pls. Let us join the group. We're Filipinos
    16. BiboyCandia
      Pinoy pala kayo! Pwede po ba na mag join ako sa PRS?
    17. Dr. Brewery Ale
      Dr. Brewery Ale
      Pare please naman oh! Pasali naman sa PRS. Gusto mo ng maraming ebidesiyan ng pagkapinoy ko?
    18. HOooDy
    19. Dr. Brewery Ale
      Dr. Brewery Ale
      Pare sige na. Sali moko sa PRS. Sige na gusto mong may katibayan ang pagka pinoy ko?
    20. Jas.per
      psali aq sa group mo :DDDDDD The Pinoy Resources Society sa resources ng bayan :D
      dagdagan ko rep mo dali!! :D
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