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The General
Last Activity:
May 17, 2018
Feb 16, 2011

The General

The time Saving Critic

The General was last seen:
May 17, 2018
    1. L2love
      Only like a little bit more say 5-7% more stuff done. I have also been busy so hard to get to work.
    2. rysnt11
      my health
    3. Mr.Goblin
      Nope it's not! it lives more than ever! we are just a little slow on doing updates due to the fact all the member of the team are getting older and more busy...

      I know that right now the team is going into rough times due to real-life problems, but the project is not dead at all! just on a hold..
    4. Mr.Goblin
      Then it means that Deolrin didn't released it yet, just wait a few days/weeks and it will come, I promis :D
    5. Mr.Goblin
      you will.. don't know if we released it yet, your best luck would be to check the ''Scars of conflict Pack'' that we gave freely to other creators such as yourself, it can be found in the ''hosted project section'' of this site.. on our page <3
    6. rysnt11
      i'm still got my health "power" dropped..
    7. rysnt11
      Wait for me to get home, atm i'm in the govermental area (dunno what it called in english), so i can't access my pc..
    8. rysnt11
      send me that
    9. rysnt11
      only texture change?
      are the both texture have same pattern?
      send me those, i'll check them, and if they are easier, i'll edit them first, but...
      are you got the permission to edit sellen's model?
    10. rysnt11
      i'll make them but, it will take time
      So, be patient
    11. rysnt11
      Can't you wait????
      you only give me a day to finish that!
      i have other things to do, not only do some model stuff..
      i have a real life too!
    12. The General
    13. The General
      The General
      =( you sure because i really need terrain and your maps terrain is awsome =)
    14. Vengeancekael
      Sorry I don't work with other people on their projects, too busy with other things.
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