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The General
Last Activity:
May 17, 2018
Feb 16, 2011

The General

The time Saving Critic

The General was last seen:
May 17, 2018
    1. rysnt11
      Help at what?
      The ghosted fel guard armor have been deleted long time ago...
    2. marko9
      hey I got the map from Craka my self but it needs to be Exported from Campaing and you know that cant work for Imported files so I will wait your map =)

      By the way how is it going on Vacation?

    3. Dr Super Good
      Dr Super Good
      In the editor, definatly a you just change the time field for the unit in the appropiate ability which creates the unit. You can even have 2 different build abilities making the same unit with different times.

      Ingame, I am not sure offhand but I do also believe it possible. You should be able to change the build time fields via eithor upgrades or catalogs (as both have the same scope of making modifications).

      There should also be various behaviours that modify the rate of construction. An example is a buff behaviour that increases the unit time scale should results in anything the unit is producing being built faster (maybe for training and morphing only).
    4. marko9
      Hey how is the vacation going on?

      Please send me the map pack when you get home I found all the maps I need for Kalimdor and Im working on Pictures from Gameplay right now =)

      Also I play WoW so I will see to capture some screenshots that may help me Later =)
    5. TheSpoon
      Because I don't have the time to do them all D:
    6. Craka_J
      The coding was mostly done from scratch by triggerers/coders who weren't me. Because I do not do triggers or coding. Therefore, I have no clue! The campaign is single-player, but I'm pretty sure we made a trigger with a dozen variables and whatnot that basically make it so that when Player 1 selects a hero owned by Player 2 (heroes-that-aren't-in-your-party player slot), a dialog will appear asking if you would want to "Join their party" or whatever and then we'd move that hero's ownership to Player 3 (party-members-only player slot). It's complicated. Just look at the triggers yourself in the 1.5 version and you can get a better idea of how it works.
    7. Bribe
    8. Bribe
      JASS code is easy to read and write when you know how, there are lots of people who code in it all the time actually.

      No one is going to help you with deprotecting a map, though. Make a map of your own, it's more fun.
    9. Bribe
      Well I didn't write a program, I did it manually ;)
    10. rysnt11
      What model?
    11. rysnt11
      What post?
    12. rysnt11
      Haven't..., got my last effort finished up for the entry in modeling contest 21
    13. rysnt11
      A lot better, but still sick.., whats up?
    14. Deolrin
    15. enjoy
      No problem, and thank you. :)
    16. enjoy
    17. L2love
    18. L2love
      You don't have to delete you're comment and re-post it to get my attention sometimes I sometimes just don't have time or am not at home.
    19. L2love
      Heads up I am gonna try to finish Hellfire by the end of this weekend and possibly a little later, but if you have nothing to do look for some models that would fit areas such as I need one for Falcon Watch and such.

      Also if I don't finish it by the weekend it's because I am sick, but I will try to work as much as I can.
    20. rysnt11
      i'm accesing thw from my phone
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