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    Drag Me To Hell <Massacre>

    It is my unproffessional opinion that the Murderer/Marionette would make an awesome custom hero. I like the map too, nice and creepy. I jumped a few times when the hook came out of nowhere and ripped me in half.
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    The Enigmatic Aqir

    Well, rather than actual information, I'm looking for conjecture and theories.
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    The Enigmatic Aqir

    We all know that the Aqir are akin to the Xel'Naga in their mysterious-ness, probably much more, so I'd like to know what your theories are about the Aqir: Their appearence, their goals, abilities, their society, all that good stuff. I'm just looking for a jumping off point for my race idea.
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    Where to Begin?

    Okay. Right off the bat I'm am feeling really freaking ambitious, I want to do something really big. But I have no idea where I should begin. I'd also like to apologize if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't sure where to put it. Anywho, I want to create an entire freaking race based on the...
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    Salutations everyone. I've played WC3 for the longest time now, and for some reason I have the sudden urge to create my own stuff. I have a vision, and I'd like to fulfill the vision if I do absolutely nothing else, but I've no idea where to begin. Can anyone provide some advice and help? Or do...