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    the leopard is awesome made. But there is more work to do on the assasin ... 2.7/5
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    High Elf Archer.blp

    i guess, but i dont know what to change on it. If you have any ideas please tell me.
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    High Elf Archer.blp

    hey all, Dont think that this is good. This is the first skin i made. (I know that this is basicly a recolour) I would have changed if i had any ideas... You can command to this if you have any ideas to my skin!
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    High Elf Ranger (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    High Elf Archer.blp (Texture)

    I changed on a model named shandris. Keywords: Ranger, High Elf
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    srry to say it but the pads on the legs looks like the armor on the wolf on Chaos Wolf Rider. But im not sure :)
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    Night Crawler

    i like this model :)
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    War3 Model Editor

    How does this program work? Admin plz answer my question!
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    Love it 5/5 Random tip!
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    ehm maybe drop the mask..
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    AARGGGH! the face reminds me of mickel Jackson!
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    ehm isnt this a human? if you want people to see that its an elf make the ears pointy.
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    Night Elf Female-BladeMaster

    looks like a little girl with a blade o.o is she so little ingame? if so please make it taller so i can use it in my map :p
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    Female Elf Enforcer

    not bad 3/5