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Jul 26, 2014
Jan 25, 2008



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Jul 26, 2014
    1. HappyCockroach
      lol, delishos earth indeed. =)
    2. HappyCockroach
      beta key will we have bro :ugly:
    3. Wraithling
      That's great! You have no idea how much that little bugger meant to me, he is perfect for my map :D And I'll keep an eye out for your future updates, so once again thanks man ;)
    4. Wraithling
      Hey man, I like that two-headed legfish you made awhile ago a lot :3 And I plan to use the little guy in my map. There is however a slight problem- I needed one with a simple attack animation. So I'd like your permission so I can change his stand-2 animation into an attack animation, I think it can pass of as one since lifting its two front legs up qualifies as an attack of sorts. You okay about this? :D
    5. HappyCockroach

      Did you notice that in the portrait it shakes the camera? And tells you to STFU? Also when given an order, he whether laughs about it or says no!
      He's such an asshole, the one I most prefer among my models... =)
    6. Midnighters
      Attack 1,
      Attack 2,
      Stand 1,
      Stand 2,
      Spell 1,
      Spell 2,
      Spell Slam,
    7. Midnighters
      Any progress on the animating?
    8. -Grendel
      really? its a pokemon?
      well i at first when i joined the hive, its just for fun, download maps, skins, models....
      so the name that got into my brain was ampharos.... it should have been Psychovicious, *sigh*
    9. -Grendel
      thanks tee!! ur such a great critic!!

      i want u to comment on every skin i make, cuz ur such a great critic!!
    10. -Grendel
      VERY cool models you have there tee dubz!!
    11. Midnighters
      NP man, I just hope you can animate it.
    12. Midnighters
      worked any on animating my model?
    13. Midnighters
      Okay, well, my unit is in mdx form, if you can convert it and animate it in millkshape I would greatly appreciate it, here is the file link. Golem
    14. Midnighters
      Tee.dubs, I have request of you for animating if you have time.
    15. KelThuzad
      Hey mate, saw your post in the Razor icon only today, and I was thinking about making some models out of my icons. I can provide you with some textures, and you can make model, how would you like that?

      P.S. - I already got some good icons that could go for good models.
    16. Teaspoon
      Hi dude, I couldn't get tat UV mapping to work, couldnt open my mdx file in Biturn, it couldn't find em. Maybe it's because I used Mdlvis and now they're all russian or something :S Anyway, you know any other program that could convert mdx inte the right thing?
    17. Crabby_Spider
      LOL, I get it! Thanks, stuff like that irritates me. Most people posting here are just looking for ways to improve. People like that idiot are a waste of everyones time.
    18. Crabby_Spider
      Maybe I'm just old and showing my age... but what does "pew pew!" mean?
    19. Crabby_Spider
      Technically, they aren't rejected. enjoy put them in the "Need Fix" category. I got a lot of excellent feedback and the final versions are sitting there. It's funny to me that the most obscure of the set is approved, but the others are waiting. I hope they approve them, but I'm moving on regardless. I'm getting great response on the Possess Icon (everyone's agreeing with you regarding the bg!)
    20. Crabby_Spider
      I get it. Mine is a mix of things. My son developed a facination with insects and such at a young age ( I have an enormous collection on my mantel). He liked to listen to my Classic Rock and had put in The Who. Of course Boris the Spider came on and he took it as his online name. (That's where his came from) As I got interested in the art of the game and eventually the triggerring, I created my own name based off his. I'm an old man, compared to most here, and am known to be a bit 'crabby', so it seemed to fit. As a result, Spiders Productions, and we spend time together creating and modifying WC3 maps. I've enjoyed art my whole life, but as far as the game itself goes, can't play it worth a damn!

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