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Last Activity:
Feb 26, 2020 at 5:32 PM
Jul 26, 2004
Mar 5, 1992 (Age: 27)


Character Modeler, Male, 27, from Denmark

Tauer was last seen:
Feb 26, 2020 at 5:32 PM
    1. Stefan.K
    2. WhiteFang
      Taur :D
      What is your opinion on people that complained about wanting Fallout 4 to be Isometric like the first two?
    3. Direfury
      Well, if you don't mind, try to illustrate some of the problems with the other animators. For example, look at many of their attack and stand animations. They're extremely robotic and unnatural, with the peak of the stand animations being in the exact MIDDLE of the animation itself. Their attacks have no weight to them, and more often than not, walk animations are... lacklustre.

      For a majority of them, their feet are all over the place, such as with the death animation of Matis' latest model. Try to get a gif showing each type of animation, or issue, then a properly done version.

      I would've just used the most striking models as examples, but that would come off as me shaming them. The aim is more along the lines of a slap on the wrist for the boy that keeps reaching for the hot stove burners.
    4. Direfury
      Like a general tutorial that grows as we're questioned.

      General advice, possibly with models for demonstration. There are a few specific things that just sorta irk me, that I'd hope to address. Bad habits that the other animators don't seem to be growing out of.
    5. Direfury
      Actually, I think I have a better idea. Rather than doing a collab model, what do you think of helping me set up an Animator's Workshop in the Modelling Section of the forum.

      I'm getting tired of seeing all the other animators making all the exact same mistakes, and think that it might be a good idea to teach them, and get them to improve. I've tried offering advice and criticism, but just that isn't enough to get them to learn or improve.
    6. Direfury
      We should totally work together on a model after the contest.
    7. PeeKay
      hey bro, u wanna ur permission for making iconpack for ur DC orc model in frame of icon contest #13. Repeat please as fast as possible
    8. Heinvers
      Well, your Durotan model got a DC. Congratulations :D
    9. Direfury
      I learn very effectively through observation.
    10. Direfury
      Man, that purple Khadgar.

      You know what that version needs? Full contact magic. Punching spells at his victims and such.
    11. Erindeir
      Hello, Tauer. You gonna make all warlords of orcish clans? You specialized on Horde units?
    12. Arad MNK
      Arad MNK
      Be sure to Vote on Weekend Mapping Madness #3: Peace(ful) Poll!
    13. Deolrin
      Loving your new avatar. Looks great. :)
    14. donybrasko
      Tauer The god of orcs!!! you know haters gonna hate!! i want only critisize that you should make more models!!! ahahahah not kidding!!! when blizzard start making warcraft 4 they must hire you! :D
    15. Zwiebelchen
      Hmm, at this point, I think the discussion pretty much reached a point in which our oppinions are mostly set into stone anyway. I won't convince you of my views and you won't convince me of your views.
      But I thank you on the insight on the issue in denmark. It's great to look over the edge of the plate at times. Proves that not every european country has to deal with the exact same symptoms.
      However, make sure you read that article from the human rights watch I linked. I think this goes a long way in understanding the situation.
      There are people seeking for help that actually suffered from these conditions. And I'm fine accepting 10 refugees that have no right to be here if we can help at least 1 refugee with that that has all right to be here in return.
      In my oppinion, it's better to decide on a false positive than a false negative. After all, a man is innocent until proven otherwise. And I'll definitely not deny them that.

      I'm not in the crowd that will call someone a nazi just because they demand that criminals should be deported. However, I will not hesitate calling someone out on being a nazi if he throws bumper-sticker wisdom around, saying that all immigrants are criminals, are only here to cause mischief, etc..
    16. Zwiebelchen
    17. Zwiebelchen
      And why would you think letting everyone in would destroy anything? Let's consider a fact here: as an EU citizen, be it greece, portugal, spain, poland, czech or whatever country, you are free to go in any other EU country. Permanently. No questions asked. Why is it that we don't see millions of immigrants of these countries here? Some of those countries are on the edge of bankruptcy. There is no denying that the life standard in germany is way higher than in our neighbouring country poland. Why is it that we don't have millions of polish people here, even if they are free to come and stay here at any time? It's because they aren't willing to give up their former life, even if it might result in some improvement.
      The point is: Refugees aren't here to get a better life. They are here to survive a war. A war that we (as industry nations) are responsible for. We make billions of dollars in weapon exports to exactly those countries that demand shelter. Most of them are likely to go back after the war has ended. If not, they started families here. And then why would we force them to go back?

      The first world countries have a responsibility here. The responsibility to apply the rules they preach to others to themselves aswell.
      You know what my biggest gripe with the refugee problem is? That the UK, a developed industry nation bailed out of this responsibility. To me, the UK is the epitome of the problem the european union is facing. Instead of embracing a united europe, they seclude themselves from the rest and leave the burden to others. To me, the UK are nothing but uncivilized cowards. I hope denmark won't go the same route. I hope germany won't go the same route. We are wealthy. We can afford taking in a few thousand refugees.
      Syria has only 20 million inhabitants. That's less than one quarter of germany alone. From those 20 million inhabitants, only 4 million actually emigrated from the country up until today.
      These 4 millions spread out over the entire european union and the middle east. How much do you think actually make their way to the western european nations? How much do you think will stay in the neighbouring countries?
      If anyone has the right to complain about refugees, it's those countries. Not us. We fucking buy new phones every two years. We can afford feeding a few refugees.
    18. Zwiebelchen
      So you basicly brought an example of good integration and bad intengration yourself. There's nothing to add from my side to this except: "how can we tell one from the other beforehand?"
      The answer is simple: we can't. And that's why we should give everyone a fair chance. What do we want to do? Punish a majority of 75% law-abiding immigrants for the deeds of a 25% minority? And not that this is in the worst demographic. The average immigrant demographic is more like 85% to 15%.
      We can't just cast "detect evil" and sort out those that arrive if they glow red.
      Also, I'd say that almost everyone coming here is willing to integrate. If not, they wouldn't even take the risk of getting here. Mind you, it's not just grabbing your car and starting your drive. You have to cross borders. Many borders. And you will have to answer questions. Many questions. And you leave almost everyone you know and your past-life behind for an unknown future.

      Laws apply to everyone, not just those we find useful. In case of the child rape victim, why should we apply different measure depending on where the perpetrator originates from? Why should an immigrant be deported, while a white male raping a child would get a prison sentence? Aren't they both equally guilty of the same crime?

      The point is: we can't spreach freedom and democracy after the rolemodel of the western world and then not consider men as created equal.

      I agree that the punishment for murder or rape might be too lax. But then again, I was never in prison. I don't know what it feels like to be in prison for over a decade.
      You might say that the loss of a childhood or a life might be something that can not be weighted up with anything. But if we apply eye-for-an-eye ruling, we would ultimately end up not being better than the perpetrator. Redeeming yourself is hard. Forgiving is harder. Forgiveness is not something that is restricted to a religious man.
      Call me an idealist, but a life-long prison sentence or an execution will not bring your lost ones back, nor will it make the world a better place.

      And integration is not something that you can switch on or off by just having a law or two. It begins in the minds of people.
      A friend of mine, who has the same educational level as I do (We actually graduated from university together) got almost all of her job applications denied (a turkish woman), whereas I (a white male) got almost all of them accepted. Needless to say, we applied to the same job at two occasions. I got one offered; she didn't.

      And what I really wonder is: why is that? She is an immigrant in the second generation; she speaks the language just as good as I do. She had the same qualifications I had to offer.

      I'm not denying that crime/rape (it's weird that you destinguish between the two, but I guess it was just a figure of speech) has gone up. That indeed would be wishful thinking. I'm denying that the low number of immigrants (compared to non-immigrants) actually has any significant influence on total crime rates.
    19. Heinvers
      After the whole Green Jesus thing he's become a total Gary Stue.
      Now that's a wrap :)
    20. Hardtime
      I just check around the Hive every now and then but I really don't have time on my side right now. Been preparing for college these past few months and I've really been focusing on my studies lately.

      I'm almost done with RotH though. I'll be back in a few more months I guess. Just need to stablelize my life right now haha. I promise though that I'll finish that damn campaign no matter what. It was pretty bold to try something like that but Im always up for a good challenge.

      Good job with your models btw. I really love what you did with Durotan. Best model so far :) Garona's amazing too though her attacks kinda seem slow? Idk maybe its just a thing with the Hive's model viewer. I'll check them both in-game soon.
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    Mar 5, 1992 (Age: 27)
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    "We will stay a secret. We are the walkers in the shadows, the power that is all the more potent for its invisibility. We are the Shadow Council, and none shall know of our strength." - Gul'dan
    Tauer's Models
    Anybody who wishes to use and/or edit my models have full permission to do so, provided I get credit for the original work. This includes retextures, recycling animations and making icons!
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