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    Normalize a real in GUI?

    Just wondering if there was a way to do this using GUI?
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    Music Contest #7 - Location

    As a musician this is rather exciting. My only thought is it seems the 'theme' has quite a massive range. I don't understand how comparisons and such could be made between a single piece of music. Because of the lengthy deadline I might actually give this a shot, been a while since I've created...
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    Icon Contest #15 - Unit Corresponding Icons

    I kind of wanna give this a go. But I just have one question. You always throw the term 'freehand' around a lot. Does this mean I cannot use all the tools associated with Photoshop and only use the brush/pencil type tools OR does it mean I have to create it from scratch, without the use of any...
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    [General] World editor theme

    Ah okay, thank you. Guess I need to look at editing windows themes/applications.
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    [General] World editor theme

    I haven't actually been able to find it, otherwise I would've linked it. I can create an example if you'd like?
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    [General] World editor theme

    Hey everyone. So I was wondering, I saw a video of a tutorial in the World Editor and it had a dark theme (usually programs come in white/cream) Does anyone know how this was done? and how I could do it as well? Thanks
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    State of the Union (Warcraft III)

    I really doubt they'll remaster wc3, specifically because of the patches they're releasing. It's more likely to be wc2 that gets remastered, and wc3 to just be updated a butt ton
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    SharpCraft: World Editor Extended

    With sharpcraft is it possible to edit any object parameters mid game? (Models, Base Stats and other stuff)
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    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) Amazing resource, jam packed and growing

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) Amazing resource, jam packed and growing
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    Mini-Mapping Contest #13 - Ghastly Realm

    I'm not offended. And yes, it'd be way nicer to say something like that, hence what I quoted about assuming. I can completely understand why you're offended, you've been accused wrongly. You can do what you want from this point on. Just know that it was handled badly and you're not in the wrong.
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    Mini-Mapping Contest #13 - Ghastly Realm

    Hey wow, it makes sense people are a little bit concerned if what you're making is also tied to something else. It's just a precaution, you did word it a little weird. But alas assuming makes an ass out of you and me eh? No harm done, I thought a month in would be proof enough that it wasn't...
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    Mini-Mapping Contest #13 - Ghastly Realm

    Well, if we can take your word for it. I'd be sceptical that you actually started it a day before that post, but I'm not against it. There are ways to actually prove you only started when you say you started. EDIT: I'd also like to remind you all that the contest started almost a month ago...
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    Mini-Mapping Contest #13 - Ghastly Realm

    Hey man, if you have a good idea and can commit a week straight to getting it done I'm sure it's possible.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks, glad that's clear :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks, glad that's clear :)
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    Mini-Mapping Contest #13 - Ghastly Realm

    So I can't ask for world editor help or trigger advice? Not exactly a request for something to be made/done. Simply a way to create a certain function or w/e.