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    Reputation (+2): (Bundle) Very useful for me <3

    Reputation (+2): (Bundle) Very useful for me <3
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    Blood Mage

    Wow.. this model is one the best ones here in hive:thumbs_up: Edit: The update is even more nicer. This model is very useful because you can easily alter it
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    Naga Queen Azshara Reforged

    This is an awesome model! Finally someone made an Azshara model:D
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    Statue of the High Priestess

    The ripper didn't know how to give animations:xxd: I didn't have time to give it some animations too. I'll try to update it
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    Statue of the High Priestess (Model)

    A night elf statue ripped from wow. Model was found in Warcraft Underground Credits to: Blizzard Entertainment Ripped by: Vexian
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    Statue of the High Priestess (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Tyrande Whisperwind WoW Rip (Model)

    A rip of Tyrande Whisperwind's model from WoW with team color. All credits to Blizzard Entertainment Model was found in Warcraft Underground. Converted by: 123lay How to use: Just remove the war3mapimported in Tyrande1 and Tyrande2.
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    Tyrande Whisperwind (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    I finished the other two campaigns and I like it and I like the alternate version of the story. I didn't expect it to be that fast though. I like the campaign and I give 4/5:thumbs_up: Edit: I'm actually excited to play the next campaign:xxd:
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    Bored :(

    Bored :(
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    Battle of Azeroth: War of Thorns

    I got so happy because I really wanted to play a night elf campaign.. Thx so much for this! Btw I hope there would be a warcraft 3 version of the Night Warrior :)
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    Amaterasu v1.2

    It's great for a Naruto Map!
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    Shadows of Hatred v2.2.1 (Patch 1.30)

    Great For Quarantine!
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Thnx for this!

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Thnx for this!
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    Malfurion (Without Stag) Reforged

    Great! I just hope Blizzard wasn't that lazy..:( Even King Anasterian doesn't have dialogues and Tyrande's Bridge Animation is Missing..