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    Ion Storm

    The update is breathtaking.
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    Great Quotes

    "Follow my Example or I'll make you one!"- Commissar, DoW.
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    Dawn of the Faeries

    Interesting, the sky is great, the rocks are odd, but the oddness is sort of flattering, I should think. Colour wise for the lights, the first one is indeed the least intrusive. It would be nicer if the lights seemed to behave more naturally, but you do have to work with limited resouces.
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    Mystic road

    You can't really get a good looking path in Warcraft 3 from what I've seen unless you use doodads. It's a damn sight better than the default tiles though. Anywho, I quite like it. Clean and crisp. No overly conflicting colours, and the trees aren't completely homogeneous, giving off a nice...
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    If you can do ANYTHING..

    Glue together feathers from your pillows and stick them on your back, carry a medkit everywhere, and for the last bit, look at someone over 20 years of age and know they've done something wrong.
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    It would be so nice if Religion had no power over society. For now that's just wishful thinking though, I suppose.
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    If you can do ANYTHING..

    I suppose. It's kind of hard to imagine not getting weary of life for me I suppose. I like the option of pulling the plug.
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    I wasn't trying to say my belief of souls was in anyway right over another's opinion. I also agree that not all people in the categories follow that frame of mind- I just find it strange that a term applied to people who don't believe in a god or such also extends to opposition to the existance...
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    I think Athiesm is silly in that many people who follow it refuse all spiritual belief, not just that of creationism or deities. One would argue there are things that can't always be measured by science. For example, just because I am very skeptical about omnipotent beings and creating in any...
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    If you can do ANYTHING..

    Eternal life is kind of unattractive. I like the age timer, it sort of signifies a time limit in which to get shit done. After all, a person changing the world in the space of only a hundred years is far more impressive than over the length of thousands of years. That, and endgame life would be...
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    Over imaginative thoughstream + nightmare fuel + incapability of fighting back = Amnesia is a game I do not play. I've tried to watch others over the shoulder and I derive no fun, just over anxiety from playing, and alot of rage.
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    I like the changes, though I preferred the snow ground from the first one because it had a nice natural gradient to it. Good improvement though.
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    This. The only real issue I have is the 2D-looking roots and vines which pervade close to the camera. In the same place of issue which is mainly on the right, there's a problem of blending as well. Otherwise though, great.