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Jan 25, 2019
Mar 18, 2007

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Jan 25, 2019
    1. I3lackDeath
      I just looked through the Photobucket-Gallery you linked.
      That's very impressive work, sir.
    2. Vengeancekael
      Hey crazy pants.
      You're being spotlighted in a new section for the monthly news batch - Basically I showcase some of your best/most popular resources.
      You could provide me with some further info such as:
      Blizzard games played: ?
      Hobbies: ?
      Modding/Modeling since: ?

      And also if you want me to highlight something specific. (Advertise a thread/resource)

      Thanksies. *hearts butterflies*
    3. HammerFist132
      I cant belive u got 5/10 rating for ur texture of goblin. That texture is masters work. Deorolin is hee only to troll and say I am the best. This is not ass kissing for me ur models is far away better then others :)
    4. HammerFist132
      Hello mate, just want to ask u, what tool do u use for modeling?
    5. xorkatoss
      forgot to write something while giving you rep, awesome model hope to see more!
    6. rcshaggy
      Hey man, do you mind doing a model request.
    7. ndh
      Ah, well then, I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. : )
    8. ndh
      So are you not doing requests anymore?
    9. Red
      Chat biiiitch
    10. HappyTauren
      Hey man, remember that demon project we were working on a year ago? I now have a lot of free time and will start working on it again, just so you know your work hasn't gone to waste :D I will probably rig some models to wc3 anims, though.
    11. RandomPogi
      Hey dude. I was wondering if you could be a modeler for my mod, if you're not too busy. >~< thanks, and God Bless~!
    12. morbent
      Well... I didn't actually think about that :D, I wanted it to be some kind of a ghoul or an alien like from Alien vs. Predator... well, not that dumb. Just that shape... or maybe something like this http://magiccards.info/query?q=skullbriar&v=card&s=cname using a lot of fog... I want fast anims, that's all. The shape should be just... hmm... hmm... well, I don't know :D Like a ghoul or this thing I showed you.
    13. morbent
      SuPa- can I request a horror model? I need a fast creature with really fast attack speed animations and a cool fast walk animation.
    14. morbent
      Ok, thanks.
    15. morbent
      Hello SuPa-, can I please remove the Walk -2 animation of your Wortling model, since I need it for a thriller map and it won't fit there.
    16. Sephalo
      Doesn't matter for me if it takes a while.
      Great you like it.
    17. Sephalo
      Hey SuPa-,
      I was wondering if you liked my request and if you're thinking about doing it?


      You have all the time you need for it ofc because I will most likely need the model in a few months before I release the map, but I was just curious if you liked the idea and wanted to give it a go.
    18. Arman M
      Arman M
      with which program you made this animation?
      THX :)
    19. shinji
      Please? No?

      Ok then. See you around.
    20. shinji
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