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  • i see that a lot of users arent online maybe on there rest something or maybe vacation because summer maybe not my work.

    twit : ???
    Hey streak thanks for the rep on my hero race arena map. I saw that you're an AI creator and I'm assuming you've already played my map and I was just wondering if you think it'd be easy to incorporate AI in my map or what you think
    Hello hive I be out for days because I have an eye problem so I be fixing this problem to get back to warcraft 3 modding and AI Creating see ya.
    OOC: Wat? I don't understand it now. One does not simply bump in and do whatever he wants in somebody's roleplay. You need to follow and MAKE the story too. Think what will be the outcome of your actions.
    And I refuse to accept that act for some reasons. Firstly, because I don't want the roleplay to end yet ^ ^

    And use the Edit button instead of double-posting.
    OOC: Hey bud! I'm not even hit yet ^ ^'
    And what's with the "British saying not Japanese"? :D
    Yes, we have a little team. But i'm the main developer. So if you have questions, ask me.
    What matters are the screenshot, no worries for the video and is not required but much better if there is though only optional.

    And what, you should have placed your second post on Kyousuke Imadori's wall not mine.
    You can still post your map but make sure follow what I have said on it's moderation. Improve it's description. Use the templates I linked to you and for the icons, simple recolors are not allowed. Don't upload them anymore.
    Reputation (+4):
    (Post) (+4) Keep on going like this. Give the best and serious advice you can give and it would be great review maps as well!
    You wouldn't want that for you will not have any access to your account anymore. Just go to the Staff Contact and let them know of your account and you are free to go.
    But you already have a green gem .
    Look. What a waste!

    By the way, you should ask the moderator responsible with those subjects.
    For example, this map and this icon, you should ask Hell_Master (the Map Section Moderator?) for reviewing MAPS, and Sin'dorei300 for ICONS (and SKINS too, I think).
    Ralle isn't a moderator, he's the admin. Meaning reviewing resources such as maps, icons, models are not his job, you can however report to him ANY unnecessary threads you find including resources ^ ^

    Oh, and another thing, there is an Edit button just below the date of your visitor messages. Instead of double-posting, why not try using that?
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