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    Nice model. Good work!
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    Bandit Hide

    Beautiful icon. 5/5
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    Draenei Broken Ones - Warrior - Hunter - Sage V2

    Nice models! Interesting!
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    Demon Hunter and Derivatives

    Can you add a tail to the Satyr Demon Hunter model? I think it would be better
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    Tree of Life and Derivatives

    Model editing, because your ancient models are the only ones that root turn when are attacking
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    Tree of Life and Derivatives

    Wow! How do you make for enable rooted turning in ancients?
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    Energy Drink v2 (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    Energy Drink v2 (Icon)

    An icon of an Energy drink. It can be used for items like potions or things like that. Free for use. Edit: Ok, i considered your advices. Thank you Images of the icons (old and new):
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    Upload your marijuana model fool!

    Upload your marijuana model fool!
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    Argentinian from marginal village

    Oh lol! It's a "Wachiturro" hahahaha, i know because i went to Argentina to kill some ugly people. And there i see a person like the model. Ha ha ha ha!
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    Animated smoke in three colors

    Nice model
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    Shock Explosion v1.02

    How can I do so that the spell does not affect structures?
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    Big Rock

    Nice spell!
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    Thank you!