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    Yes i'm busy as of now, it's my prelims. I'll be able to do requests over the weekend
    Hey sorry again I've been busier than I expected I don't know when I get to it, but I will when I can. Thanks in advance.
    Hey I've been a little busy with life stuff, I'll get to your map by tomorrow okay? Sorry for the delay. :<
    Okay, I've reuplaoded another map with the vile spirits ability. i will fix everything you've mentioned in your post a little later, can you give me some feedback on the second request too?
    Lol sorry you are not making any sense to me, if it's supposed to stop after one bounce - how is it also supposed to infinitely bounce as long as there are valid targets?

    You need to be crystal clear. Your conditions for bouncing infinitely and stopping after one bounce are the same. Also what does it mean to dispel the effect? Is there a supposed spell or item that removes said effect? Also it seems you want separate instances each with its own stack right - I don't recommend this as this will make the spell unnecessarily complicated. Just one instance with unique stack counts per caster.

    By the way, check the pastebin so you know what I have in mind.
    I'm working on the first spell, but I need some clarification - is the Necrotic Plague supposed to end after one bounce unconditionally? If not, your explanation does not make sense logically.

    The one I have is currently made to bounce infinitely, refresh and increment upon impact until there are no more valid targets.
    Excellllenttt we think alike lol. GUi or vjass shouldn't matter at all.. although something you should be aware of is that if you have a damage calculation system in your map, You will probably want to have certain sequence for reduction/amplification right?

    If so, I will make an easily accessible code that you can put anywhere in your system that will amplify the damage for you first request.
    These actually don't seem difficult, but I will be needing a decent DDS, do you care which one I use? I recommend lfh's DDS.
    Oh, my bad lol I completely misunderstood your system. Will fix it right away.

    edit: Check pastebin,

    new variables VarianceCount, DamageVariance, DistanceVariance, and AbilLevelVariance.

    If varaincecount is greater than 0
    every unit affected within distancevariance index missile distance traveled will take damagevariance index damage and cast onto it - ability with abillevelVaraince index level
    Hey sorry I just finished,,.. but I just realized how useless the system is. The collision variance is kinda dumb since all units will be effected with biggest aoe (weakest effects) unless they are in the position in which the missile was initially created... Nonetheless,.. you can still use it if you want. lol

    check the pastebin :>
    Hey sorry I've been a little busy past couple days, but I can get it done by like the weekends or something.
    WEll sometimes that happens, old stuff has like old code or whatever and it might cause it not to work or something.
    The kind of thing you want will be a little heavy. It's going to require a lot of dummy abilities if you want something that dynamic.
    Hey I just finished the collider system, but uhh just realized it doesn't support knockback directly. But you can still do it work around it with a little thinking :3 it doesn't require anything on my part. Check the paste bin.

    The triggers are called ColliderSystem, read all the trigger memo's and check out the examples I created.
    Seems simple enough given that the applied debuffs are static abilities and not dynamically created. Gimme a bit.
    Yeah give me a sec I messed some stuf up..

    edit: Okay the movements should be smoother, I added a decelerating movement on the drop and lowered the periodic timer. It's running 50 times a second, pretty costly so I would becareful with that. Also the spell now requires dummy unit and also requires you to import a dummy ability and buff. The map has been updated on paste bin.
    Hey I finished, when you're importing make sure to check the read me in the config - this one requires a few other vjass libraries.
    Hey I'm going to make the configurables in GUI, but the code in jass - stuff like this gets really sticky trying to code it in GUI.
    Hey its no prob, Im sure I finished it all yesterday I think i forgot to tell you though. The pastebin version is the same but it should work now.

    Edit: Fixed a problem with it and added PS dot configs.
    Hm.. I've never heard of EGUI till today, but um. I just use the leatest version of jngp. I actually have on in my paste bin. You can download it from there if you want.
    Hey i fixed all of them and it should be fine and added the new explosion configurables. About the map crashing, it requires vJass libraries so you need jngp. Other than that, I have no idea why it won't save.
    I'll see what I can do about harvest souls, but I have to rewrite pain and suffering because it's a little buggy.
    I can make all the harvest soul configurables, except I'm having trouble understanding what you want for the transportation. Do you want each player to have a specific point to go to as a configurable? As far as the collision thing, I don't think that's possible - but what I can do instead is have the unit go to a random point in a region that way it's less likely to have units colliding.

    I'll fix the pas thing.
    Hey, I fixed all the things you pointed out, but I'm unsure about one thing; harvest soul ability moving all the units to a different point after its finished. Do you want that as a configurable?

    the video doesn't clearly explain the mechanic lol, so I'm kind of working around it.

    edit: I've updated and added some more configurables so I don't have to be so specific. Check the download again.
    Here I'm done, as far as I'm aware it's MUI and bug free - but I could be wrong.


    Hope it's useful.

    THe readme's are in the config.
    "warcraft 3 at the moment". Sorry, I've been lazy with my typing these days, so I tend to use abbrs. ^^'
    Dragon does attack you and your allies when he stops, so you should get rid of him before taunting Urathol, because it would only make more troubles. Mainly after dealing with 3 crystals would be a good time to deal with the dragon and collect the loot around the world.
    Hey, did you read entire walkthrough just to pass the game? You should read it only when you get stuck, hehe. I will post it, but I'm not sure when, haven't written it yet.
    No need to stop. Orb appears once three crystals are down, it will wander around elemental for 10 seconds, then it expires. You can be just fine without it, yet it would support you if you manage to destroy it in time. No, boss should not take any damage as he is invulnerable while under shield.
    You are perfectly fine with your items and attributes, you should face no troubles. I really don't get it why you can't finish it, because I did finish it with no problems. The main thing I was doing is bursting enemies with Shatter + Icegrenade and I always killed big guys first. I also stood at the end of the area so that I could confront them immediately and they would have to travel longer distance. Last minute was immense, yet I just had to hold enemies for that time without killing and after timer expired they all died.
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