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Apr 2, 2013
Jul 11, 1999 (Age: 20)
California, United States

StoPCampinGn00b — Community Manager

SCN|Community Manager, Male, 20, from California, United States

Staff Member

@BlizzCon :] https://twitter.com/StoPCampinGn00b/status/1058415006310588416?s=19 Nov 2, 2018

    1. Hebert09
      Need ur opinion/test. It is closed to finished but not completely i still have to add tips etc. By the way hit the left arrow key for a hotkey of all the heroes :) Let me know what you think, check it out here.
    2. Deleted member 219079
      Deleted member 219079
      Back to being serious, can you tell which one of you won? I wanna know if you're going against me at the brackets so I can mentally get prepared to get pulverized :(
    3. Garylau
      How are you ,man ?
      I have updated my map on this afternoon (GMT +8.00) . Now the AI is greater than previous . But the kodo still aiming tower watever I've set the priority of tower to the last attack .As you say , I'm work on terrain much in this version and smoothing them .
    4. ILH
      Holy crap gg m8 you got Moderator why im gone :o
    5. salihmezzi
      no i didnt joinit
    6. Mythic
      Good Evening, how are you?
    7. salihmezzi
      What Racc Member?
    8. DEAD FiSH
      DEAD FiSH
      About what?
    9. Maximum_Evil
      Hey man, just curious. Did you test my VoW map alone or with 4 people?
    10. Hebert09
      Yea I guessed that from all the Raiders stuff lol. Cough go pats go cough. Haha hit me up if u ever wanna get some multilayer in.
    11. Hebert09
      Is there anything besides battle.net? Lol. And I'm in us east when I have time. The Europe servers are too laggy 4 me.
    12. Mythic
      I'm okay. Pretty crammed right now, playing a little DotA to test heroes and doing some requests.
    13. DEAD FiSH
      DEAD FiSH
      ok, where do i begin?
    14. Darko_Darkking
      I will ost there is there is a time
    15. Radicool
      What do you mean "fully evaluated in singleplayer"? It can be played on singleplayer, but I haven't actually beaten it myself on singleplayer. Despite the player dependant difficulty adjustment I added, Alien Invasion is still tough for 1 player, so you'll probably need a couple of buddies to beat it.
    16. ~Nightmare
      Hello, how are you?
    17. sonofjay
      Haha, he's actually very popular since he is a flashy scorer. Oh welp, nighty night.
    18. sonofjay
      lul, both team are not competitive this season though. The debate this season is can the Superstar loaded Cavs dethrone the veteran Spurs. Spurs will dominate the Cavs imo, I'm not really buying that Kyrie is the second option of Cavs and not K.Love who is a more efficient superstar than Kyrie.
    19. sonofjay
      Yes when they won 2-peat but after that they started rooting to Miami when Lebron went there then this year they're mostly Cavaliers fan because LeBron went back but there are also a lot of Thunder, Bulls and Spurs fan here and I myself is also a big fan of Spurs, Jazz and Wizards.
    20. sonofjay
      Indeed, I'm in the bay area. People don't pay attention much to the warriors though as we have two NFL teams that have some of the best records in the leagues over the yea
      If I remember correctly I think that was the reason why the Warriors are going back to San Francisco after the stadium that they're building for the team is finished. Will be a big lost for GS imo because the Warriors is a very exciting team to watch with Curry, Thompson and Iggy around. I don't watch NFL though so I can't really say how much of a loss it will be but I'm just sure that it is big.

      Kings have a bright future but nothing to show for atm.

      Washed up? Isn't that a little bit of an understatement? God they're awful this year. Its so hard to watch their games when they're being broadcast here.
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  • About

    Jul 11, 1999 (Age: 20)
    California, United States
    Current Project:
    Community Manager shenanagans and promoting stuff
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    High Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Silver Hand
    Staff Position:
    Community Manager
    I'm SCN, your friendly neighborhood sea star! Interested in music, gaming, movies, philosophy, and history. Fan of Warcraft, Linkin Park, Star Wars, Raiders, and GoT. Add in alternative music, FPS games, Spongebob, Godzilla, Marvel, and Overwatch for good measure.

    What I do here are as staff:
    - Help run the site in general and community aspects
    - Co-manage the @hiveworkshop twitter and Hive's facebook page
    - Manage relations and projects between Hive and other communities
    - Help manage Hive-Blizzard communications and patch discussions
    - Maintain Clan THW
    - Moderate WC3 forums and maps

    Hive Timeline
    Group Leader of "Strategy & Risk Players" (2013-2016)
    Group Leader of "Resistance Against the Cake Crusade" (2014-2016)
    Group Leader of "Map Reviewers" and "Pinoy Resources Society" (2015-2016)
    Map Moderator (2014-2015)
    Clan Leader of THW (2015-)
    Ambassador (2016)
    Community Manager (2016-2017)
    Community Manager (2018 )

    Current games played:
    Warcraft III
    Planetside 2




    SCN, Community Manager Admin :]
    Hive's Facebook Page
    Hive's Twitter
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