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  • Hayate, how about u make me a profile on that site, i'll give u username, email and password, cause the picture of the words changes.
    Holy gnad-balls on an open fire that model looks complicated, if I could figure out what pieces were used from where, I could reconstruct it.

    But the animations I'd not be able to do.
    Hi there, You asked about the model in the Screenshot on my album, Someone made this model on WcUnderground website, It's HoTS Tyrande's model on her panther.
    Well. People are people. And did you asked personaly Direfury if he will release it? It is a nice model, but it would be better if he release it. AS far as i remember, he was releasing many models not that long ago, maybe he will release these soon.
    Sometimes I do. But I dont have much time. But if your request interestt me really really enough I might do it. Well, you can ask anyway, in worst scenario I will just reject, in 50/50 I might think of it and in best I will do it. So...what is it?
    I do indeed, but some of the requests I've received I havn't been very qualified for.

    However, lets hear your request good sir, if its possible I'll see that it gets done!
    Sorry, it is nota model but a sketch made by photoedition (CnP).. ask some modeler to make it real... people kept thinking it was a real model e.e
    Oh Wait, You can Rotate The shield 90 degree, that way you no need to animate it
    Ok.. (I ask you to tell me what Function you know in Model Editor)
    well.. It has nothing to do with Geoset Animation, Geoset Animation is something like you control which geoset appear in which Animation (For example, Decay Has only the Dead Body, while other Animation has no dead body)

    Your problem is you need to attach the Shield to the Correct Bone. Probably Bone Hand Right (Or Left).

    You Can Do it In Mdlvis, go to Modules->Sequence Editor, Go to The Bone Tab (The Place have Bone/Anims/Movement) Find for the Hand Bone
    Ok I will Teach you
    First Lesson: Getting Use to Some Program

    -Explore Magos War3ModelEditor and Tell me What you know about it.
    -Tell me what you know about the Program

    I will tell you what you miss later.
    Hahaha... I will Figure out something Future, You should Start by Learning Geomerge First
    gah... My Wooden PC can't record a video without Lag, I will use Word to Teach then,

    Well.. You Will Need to Export the Model's Geoset and Import into the Model you want it to Be, Rerigging will require Mdlvis and Is lil Hard to Teach In Word :O
    Well.. It is Just Some Intro and Some Fact-Need-to-know
    I guess I will just make a video tutorial on demo making a Mounted Paladin
    Can I teach you like next month or something (Or after March) ? I'm a lil Busy atm...
    I don't have any use for the models in my map and I'm pretty swamped in it so I don't think I will edit those models :/
    Well.. If transfer Animation, That will be fine for me, Ok... I will take the Job, again, No Time Limit, I've accepted too much Request From ppl xd,
    well.. I can Bone and Animate, but Im not too good at animating (Still Learning),
    if it require Animating, It will take a long time for me because I will need to wait myself into Animating Mode xd
    I could look at the screenshot :) However I like most using my own models but if they fit my taste it could be intriguing
    pa mac nije malj :p sigurno nece odgovarati animacije tolko, osim ako ne napravis nesto kao.. polearm ili tako to.. veliko secivo na dugoj drsci
    I am considering it. The thing is this model is not like the average model on hive. It requires a bit more knowledge about attachments and so, so I think instead of uploading the model I will make a forum thread about it with a download link and a brief description of how it works. But yeah it will probably available for the community :) it is for my current map project but I always love sharing my works. And no I haven't heard about that project, what is it?
    paladin? hmm.. mozda nisi zakacio 3D 'mrezu' maca za pravu 'kosku' .. probaj za 'hand' i to onaj koji bi trebalo da drzi mac..
    You recently commented on one of my pictures: All the animations are custom made from scratch. However I have remade the model after this version. And thanks :)
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