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Last Activity:
May 21, 2020
Nov 26, 2007


Well-Known Member

Steel_Stallion was last seen:
May 21, 2020
    1. Steel_Stallion
    2. NearbyHermit
      You are going down!
    3. Dynasti
      Hey, just wondering if you could review my new map ---> • <---
    4. Steel_Stallion
      Well, i just did it for fun really. But ok sure, thanks for the advice. What do you mean umm... use english? Is it my spelling or grammar or something? Or do you mean just right a proper paragraph with actual point charts and shit. Ya ok.

    5. Ash
      Hi Steel,

      I was reading a few of your reviews, and couldn't help but notice that you write it in faggish format. By that, I mean loosely tying + and - points.

      Whilst that's good if you aim to be like some of the mods, if you really want to write reviews and be good at them, then you should write them in fluent English. The reason I'm nit-picking with you is because I think you probably could, if you put effort into it, write a good review. I'm not doing it because I want to piss you off, however fun that would be. :P

      Just do what you're currently doing, but link it. Use English and don't just write crappy + and - points.
    6. Steel_Stallion
      Finnaly got a new domain.

      Broken Galaxies Roleplay :: Index BGRP for Broken Galaxies Roleplay. If you even partially liked the idea of RARP solaris, you will love this.
    7. Steel_Stallion
      Check out rarp.tk .

      Its not about RARP anymore, new Sci-fi Roleplay, post some suggestions and things there. Being developed from the ground up with neat new triggers and ting, check it out! (Im working on changing the domain name from RARP to BGRP. Using the same site for now [Bare with me :P])
    8. MasterHaosis
      Hey man !!! hello

      ,,I love how MasterHaosis says the same thing when he approves every single map. &quot;I respect your effort and work man!&quot;
      '' Well man it is true. I respect their hard work when I see effrot. In many maps you have effort. At least you made maps and you know how it is work when you want your map to get funny. But not all maps are good. Alot of them are rejcted.
    9. TheDivineBoss
      Aww Stallion, has no friends :(

      Now he got one!
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    Steel_Stallion, MadManic
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    US East
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    Kirin Tor
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