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Jul 8, 2019
Nov 26, 2007


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Steel_Stallion was last seen:
Jul 8, 2019
    1. Rakaesa
      Steel, Could I have an unprotected version of the map? I'd like to build roleplay/story setups in advance since a lot of people are impatient, and maybe even change the terrain (I wouldn't make it an official version, I'd give credit of the original to you and just say I edited it.) I might even add unit shops, new heroes, that sort of thing.
    2. Final-Burn
      Lovely. I promise you the Continuation of Steel's DnD.
    3. Steel_Stallion
    4. brad.dude03
      Haha yeah seems that way. Back for now, at least. Good to see there are still some familiar faces around here!
    5. Saken
    6. Saken
      Alright cool, I'll let him know.

      And hey to you too! Haha, I'm still lurkin' around. I'm still pushing Requiem too, Scoob's gonna release it with the other maps he's making along with the finished version of Vanguard.
    7. Saken
      Hey man, ScoobyDooby-Doo who used to be in Clan RotH wants to know if he could possibly use your XRP terrains for a new roleplay series he's putting together.
      So far he's got 17+ terrains for it.

      What do ya' say?
    8. BloodStorm2262
      What's your email? If your still interested I can send you the WIP version of the BSM RP map. Sorry for the lack of communications, work has me swamped.
    9. Alukard-
      Add pirated games on steam plz
    10. Alukard-
    11. Vehster
      So.... could I have a unprotected copy?
    12. Vehster
      Just generous, nobody has ever done it correctly for a good rp map, yours is the closest.
    13. Vehster
      Well I could improve the map by a lot by reducing lag as well loading time and helping you with a new interface/look and new idea's for units and new types of combat.
    14. Vehster
      Hi, I could help improve your rp map if you'd like.
    15. Anarki
      whai u not play war3
    16. Rui
      I just went to check the Make Me Host robots website at a random time and saw you hosting XRP =P Invite me next time :grin:
    17. takakenji
    18. takakenji
      you still exist? i thought you dissipated from existence with the rest of the wc3 RPing community
    19. Anarki
      stop lurking forum and get on skyep
    20. BloodStorm2262
      Feel free to send me a message, not sure what you wanted to talk about.
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    Steel_Stallion, MadManic
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    US East
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    Kirin Tor
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