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    Legends of War v1.3

    Hmm... I'm not sure what else i can say to describe it lol :p. Those two modes are pretty much the heart of the game, dominate the nodes in the center with your team, then assault their base, or capture the hill, then face off in a deathmatch. As far as screenshots go, ill take your advice...
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    Looks pretty good, nice work : )
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    Eye Of The Storm v.1.3

    From your little rant there its obvious you haven't even tried the map. Opening your mouth and raging before doing so is one of the most stupid things a person can do. As i said in an earlier post. The IDEA was derived from WoW, absolutely everything else is my own work (apart from what you...
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    Eye Of The Storm v.1.3

    The concept is based off the PvP zone, i.e. the objectives remain the same. But the heroes, terrain, spells, ect.. are all different. After all the time spent playing WoW, i wanted to try to put a spin on it :3 - a quick mad rush to get everything done thanks :) will work on that
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    Eye Of The Storm v.1.3 (Map)

    Derived from the WoW PvP zone. There are four nodes in each corner of the map which need to be captured by both teams. Once a node is captured, the team will receive points over time. A flag spawns in the center of the map ever 60 seconds, picking it up and bringing it back to a node under your...
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    Eye Of The Storm v.1.3 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    [v]JASS - Spinning Shards v0.4

    Hey, excellent spell, just found a small bug when testing on a different map. If the hero thats leveling this spell has other spells, and can learn a spell, while this spell is active, you can re-learn this spell (i think because you remove and re-add the ability to get the launch spell to...
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    Legends of War v1.3

    Thanks, have done as you requested.
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    Legends of War v1.3 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Legends of War v1.3 (Map)

    Normal mode: Capture the points near the center of the map. Your team will get 1 point per node controlled every 30 seconds. The first team to get to 100 points takes the advantage and starts as the attackers in the second round. To capture a node you must go within 400 range of it. If the...