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    Noice. 100% Noice.
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    Hero Thane

    Noice. The model i've been wanting for so long. Thanks mang. 5/5
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    Lord Archimonde

    Noice. Looks a ton like what he's looked like over the years in WoW. Those hands though, wee bit big for my tastes. 4/5
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    Noice. Good to see another FerSZ model. Extremely useful in various ways, even for maps which aren't Warcraft related. 5/5
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    Baby Gryphon Courier

    Noice. Absolutely perfect, besides that little missing mouth texture. 4/5
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    Worgen Rifleman

    Noice. Simple, but useful model. 4/5
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    Fel Lord

    Noice. This, my good sir/madam, is a great model. Attack animations are a wee bit fast though. Still, amazing model. 5/5
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    Monument Of Honor / Altar of Honor

    Noice. I like the look of it, unique. That build animation though.. yikes. 4/5
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    Emerald Nightmare - Ent - New Version

    Noice. Real simple, but serves it's purpose. 3/5
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    Sea Druid

    Noice. Really awesome concept for a Tavern Hero, but could also be used as a Boss Fight in Sunken Temple tileset maps. I personally love the hell out of it. 5/5
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    Noice. We finally get a new Dreadlord model, looks amazing, but like many others are saying, could we get a paler-skinned version? 5/5
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    Krampus - Malfurion

    Noice. Very spooky, even for a Warcraft 3 skin. 5/5
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    Orc Warlock

    Noice. This is great, could be used for more then just a Warlock, such as a Shaman or other Orcish Spellcasters. 5/5
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    Nether Ray

    Noice. Looks really good and very useful for maps based in Outland, as well as for the Draenei. 5/5
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    Noice. Extremely useful Icon, I believe there are models which will fit this nicely. 5/5