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  • hey I don't know if you still do work on abyss rpg or not I was just wondering if you could start again please I really enjoy all the things you did to the map it made it really fun and I found a bug when using the hell stone it makes you stuck inside of the castle in the first town if you use it on it.
    Found you.

    Been here for bout a year almost yet 0 posts?
    As well hello.
    Didn't know you were editing abyss rpg, isn't that the map that is super bad in terms of loading/lag?
    If you are the current developer on the abyss rpg map i just wanted to tell you one bug i found
    when you are playing as the shadowblade hero (tier 3)
    one of the spells doesnt work as it should. that one which should activate when you get attacked. at max lvl i had 50% chance for it to activate but it didnt activate not a single time, its like the spell even when lvled stays at the .5% activation chance
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