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    [Trigger] Unit movement not making sense???

    Thanks again! It was the "neutral" setting that was doing it. I was setting them neutral so they wouldn't fight in cinematics, but now I realize I can't do that and that there are other ways to prevent them fighting in cinematics.
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    [Trigger] Unit movement not making sense???

    Thanks! I will have to check my Player Settings.
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    [Trigger] Unit movement not making sense???

    I am sure someone else has had this problem in the past and maybe there is an easy fix. But the way it has been happening doesn't make much sense to me. I use the standard command under Unit Group - Pick every unit in (units in Orc force 1<gen>) and do (Unit - Order (Picked unit) to moveTo...
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    Listen! To anyone who is having trouble getting this skin to work do this it worked for me: After you have the skin imported in the "Import Manager", double click the file "Shandris.blp" and change the extention by checking the "use custom path" check box and paste in the path...
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    A hero - the game

    This map is the most frustrating I have played yet! Why does the car have to always blink back to the parking lot when you go off the roads? Very very anoying!!! You have alot of cool ideas but they need work! And I hate walking around not fighting anything in large empty sections! Sorry...
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    Jedi vs. Sith v.Final

    I have never seen a map with so much empty space. But I did like some of the ideas with the city building options, however the buildings and the unit scales were just plain silly. At one point my jedis just disapeared and then reappeared somewhere and were killed? That was pretty strange...
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    Through the Woods Version 3

    Its hard to say what this map is lacking, because there are so many things. Try to at least make the hammer spell not cost so much mana at first level! I think it would be more fun if it cost less mana and did little damage. Then at least it gives you something to do instead of just waiting...