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    Bug Report Thread

    Yes, it happened immediately when the map loaded. In the case I'm describing, 3 people de-synced, and the end-game trigger (the one prompting you your Atd Rank, which in our case is always Atd Noob, and allowing you to -save) triggered, forcing the game to end after 2 minutes elapsed.
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    Against the Darkness: 3.1.3

    I've submitted this as a bug, but I'll write it here too - game causes desyncs on latest wc3 version, and a weird glitch (caused by them) that triggers the trigger about saving your character with -save, and that the game will close in 2 minutes.
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    Prisonbreak 2 v0.4

    Map not working on latest update. Can't even see it in file browser.
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    Bug Report Thread

    Latest wc3 version has made this unplayable. It's causing desnyc issues. Could you please fix this, so we can continue to enjoy this masterpiece?
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    Sunken City v2.4.8d

    Yo spas, You may remember me on garena with the nickname "TheBoby". I'm very pleased with the changes added to the map and the additional secrets throughout the dungeon. I have an idea but I have a feeling it is already implemented: Make it so that the higher the difficulty and the less lives...
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    Sunken City v2.4.8d

    Good to know! Got something to report: 2-3 times my wc3 crashes and everyone else in the following Sunken game, due to unknown reasons, I don't know what the case is yet, but it crashes always around the start of the game (0-40 mins max). If you want, if it happens again I can take a picture of...
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    Sunken City v2.4.8d

    Thank you for your reply! I will try that the next time I pass this map :) As for the ending, nothing was wrong, but The writing "The end" was not available for me, maybe a graphical bug or I don't know. EDIT: I wasn't talking about saving the game, I was talking about using the command -save...
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    Sunken City v2.4.8d

    Ok this is shit, twice i play the map and twice someone leaves, today we nearly passed it, 4 hours of gameplay, and the 2 left right after the altair boss, leaving me to macro with the two to defeat the demon lord, after defeating him, i couldn't save cuz it requires 2 people, and when i stepped...
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    KitaLock puzzle v1.06

    How could a map cause serious brain damage to a person? You guys are trolling.
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    Temple in Dark Eclipse v2.0

    I have a big problem with this map. Each time I host it with GenBot (haven't tried other bots or myself) it makes a desync. Sometimes me, sometimes other people (2-3) or other cases. Could you please fix that as the map is very good but unplayable...
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    Solar Conquest v0.97e

    Could someone PM answer me or reply to this post and explain me how to build Spore Destroyer? (After you unlock the bio final tech,what do you do? I have played single player and I haven't seen a ship with name Spore destroyer even after upgrading all the different reactors)