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    Hell its about time.... that someone made a model like this.
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Awesome!

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Awesome!
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    Blood Representative - New Strategy Map

    Blood Representative Is a map I have been working on for a while.I'm sorry if I have no fancy letters and crap but bear with me. I am a beginning map maker and hive visitor so all suggestions are welcome! 400 years ago, A satanic civilization was exiled to a distant planet. There they...
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Awesome missle woot!

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Awesome missle woot!
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    This is one of the best ice projectiles I've seen on hive for awhile +rep
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    Kinda looks like Thor's hammer... Only Kinda.
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    This is perfect for my map :ap:
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    Short Story Contest #3 - Poll

    Wow Trax your story is friggin beutifal yet suspensful at the same time. Amazing ending, would it be allowed if, o i dont know, Christopher Paul Curtis were to enter?
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    testing my new avater

    testing my new avater
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    OMG THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! :mwahaha::mwahaha::mwahaha::mwahaha::mwahaha::mwahaha::mwahaha:
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    Omg this is wonderful