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Soul Reaver
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Oct 7, 2020
Jul 15, 2005

Soul Reaver


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Oct 7, 2020
    1. kakuzu
      Merry Christmas Soul Reaver !
    2. MC_HeartAttack
      Where can I find your email? I want to send you some reports but I still can't find it.
    3. [E]clipse
      Smile ! :as:
    4. Fro
      hi soul reaver, whats up?
    5. chubemocboc
      Yay, got it. Thank you. Is there some tips for chapter 7 Eryon, each try he made a tripple lightning my morale broken. Will keep trying.

      P/s: Anything about his sight, it seems unfair. On default difficulty.
    6. chubemocboc
    7. chubemocboc
      Can you share me the manual. I think the website is down.
    8. Fro
      about storyline, do you make your own storyline?
    9. Fro
      anyway each companions always low health in reunion mission.
    10. Fro
      i'm not complete it with cheat,
      and i will rate your campaign if i can.
      anyway did you make your own skin for soul reaver model?
    11. Fro
      hi soul reaver, i just play your campaign.
      i like your intro title,music,credits and all in you campaign.
    12. [E]clipse
      No not that... I can't find you posting anywhere now...just that.
    13. [E]clipse
      WHOA ! you're vanished from the hive ! the only way to find your profile now is to search for a Director's cut map !!! XD

      So... What's up ?
    14. [E]clipse
      Hey there.. and sorry for the late reply...

      Actually I love ur spells in TTBE and I want to know how u made some of them as it is very confusing 2 me... So... If u have some time 2 spare then could u give me the triggers for the spell celerity (Fei's 3rd spell where slices everything that comes in his way and creates illusions). If u cannot then no need to reply maybe I will figure it out myself when I practice more at the editor .... :)
    15. [E]clipse
      AWESOME !!! That's like UDK!!! GOOD LUCK....
    16. [E]clipse
      What r u working on now? :)
    17. [E]clipse
      Hi Soul Reaver.. Loved your campaign.. really great!!!
    18. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      Ah no need to do that, just wondered, if in case you had it, it's not that important. I seriously doubt they had any backup, the site wasn't reliable, I just asked you because I remember you from that site long ago so I hoped for a chance :D I even made a thread about what happened with war3.incgamers (although the old maps were already long gone), but noone did reply.

      Now I remember why I thought you were German. Andy Krieg sounds quite german. I guess it's that swiss heritage.
    19. Map Designer
    20. edo494
      To be honest, I think I should've posted that, but yea, good thing you did, because I dont know if I would to be completly honest :D
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