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Oct 28, 2011
Nov 27, 1995 (Age: 24)
    1. Gekigengar
      Just remember to use local player correctly though when dwstroying and recreating the multi. Or else it wont work multiplayer
    2. Whitewolf8
      Nah, i'll release it everywhere that isn't here.
      But i'll at least link it to one of the places I do release it at
    3. Gekigengar
      What about a tabbed multiboard?
      Multiboard is shown depending on the tabbed variable.

      MB_playerTab[playerNumber] = 1

      1 means show the Hero selection multiboard,

      if you change this to 2, it would show the KD multiboard.

      Its MPI ofc. (Multiplayer instance-able).

      I don't think combining both system would be good.

      And why would you want to show the Hero selection to players that already pick the units?.

      And why would players that is selecting units would want to see the KD multiboard?.
    4. Gekigengar
      just received your map.

      will be working on it asap.

    5. Heinvers
      I'm good, just working on some maps and some skins. Still looking for some inspiration for a dungeon under Tirisfal.
    6. Whitewolf8
      Heeeeeey, guess what? I finally finished that Caravan level. One more level and then release.
    7. Heinvers
      Hello sonofjay! Just came by to visit 'u
    8. Gekigengar
      Ive lost available connection from home, i couldnt open hive from my pc this past few days, i got the pm, im using a phone currently, so i cant take a look of whats inside,

      Sorry, ill look into it asap! ;((
    9. Daffa
      a good strategy I must say :)
    10. Daffa
      Don't worry, you can still improve. I guess
      Why I feel Sarcasm :ogre_hurrhurr:
      seriously thanks :ogre_haosis:
    11. Daffa
      I'm done with my melee, but my terrain sucks :ogre_hurrhurr:
    12. Daffa
      let's wait till the year ends and we can pop up some name for the era :D
    13. Daffa
      so, we're in Unknown Era now?
    14. Daffa
      04-07 - Classic Era
      The time where most melee maps was made, its quality isn't really over the top and most are actually sub-par but this is the most active years.
      08-12 - Golden Era
      We saw the best aesthetic on the design and layout the melee map can get.
      13~ "Unknown Era"
      A lot of young melee mappers pop-up after the Golden Era but the quality of their works did not match the previous era.
      What's with the numbers, years? :eekani:
      I'm curious.
    15. APproject
      Hey. I made a thread trying to solve the lag problem. I discovered it was one specific spell that cause lag, not units or other spells, not even terrain. So I tried removing leaks, but it won't help, map has been uploaded to dropbox and there is a link to it. If you want to, you can check it out. Thanks.
    16. neo_sluf
      thanks for the review and there is a camera system read the description on my map so you can now.. sorry for not mentioning it..
    17. Gekigengar
      do you have your files?

      i might be able to develop something more interesting.

      why do you need a hero selection while you have a k/d board active anyways?
    18. Ken-E
      Good to hear, and I was right about In the End not being your last map! :p
      Anyway, I'll make sure to visit the group time to time.
    19. MoCo
      This time only, I will overlook that fault ;)
    20. Gekigengar
      I will help, tell me the specifications.

      btw, white text on white background?? wtf xD, my eyes hurts!
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    Nov 27, 1995 (Age: 24)
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    Idk yet
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Night Elf
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