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Oct 28, 2011
Nov 27, 1995 (Age: 24)
    1. Peacehagen
      Is the limit 4 MB for battle net? Hmm.. I was thinking it should be played on battle net, so I might need to cut down a bit on my imports then. Yeah it is ok to disable it :)
    2. Assassins-Creed
      Looking at some of your examples on terrain made me want to start terraining again. :D
    3. maddeem
      Yeah, np just ask me when and I could write something of a tutorial for you, or find one for you :P
    4. maddeem
      Yes you can do that all with game cache
      You can litterly save data to a map, and load it from another
      But this doesn't work in multiplayer :p
    5. Windu
      Thank you, too. Most of them I know yea. So what maps u were speaking about? :) Send them to me, in return I'll send u this terrain map which has countless models I've collected from everywhere. I am sure u can use some of 'em in ur project, which btw looks interesting. I'll take a closer look and see more about it :)
    6. Windu
    7. Windu
      hey there. If u are a model collector, I was going to ask u if u have any apocalyptic/modern/zombie/city/town/millitary models u can share ? :)

      And these cars are from the forum of xgm.ru They are somewhere on the first 20 pages of the thread "0H8 <>45;8" in the ">45;8=3" section.
    8. Ajin
    9. Ajin
      Because i want it.
    10. Ajin
      I use my brother account bro'z.
      So, it's just a moment'z :(
    11. Ajin
    12. Ajin
      Jay, it's me.
      I use my brother Account :D
      Just at moment
    13. Xian
      oh,just some flame and rage to someone i hated,now we're both back,i was banned for 2 weeks and he was banned for a month,because (i think) he was the more highly expected to start the fight with his ways

      btw heres what an infraction point looks like,it doesn't neg-rep,but here's what you're gonna see in your user control panel:
    14. Xian
      banned with no avatar or profile pic means temporarily banned,but if it has a gray peon with an anti symbol - [IMG],it means he is permanently banned until the administrator reinstates it...

      Hope you find this message useful! btw i was once banned,it usually takes 2 weeks to 1 month ban depending on the offense that was made
    15. maddeem
      No, never finished it :p
    16. maddeem
    17. maddeem
      It's my old map, and when I saw that you needed something like that thought I might post it :p
    18. Lembidi
      Hi Duarte Jayson :D
    19. Ken-E
      And about the UI I really need someone to make one for me for project ghost blizzards one doesn't fit at the theme at all. Echo-storm have a custom one right? Where did you get it or how did you make it?
      Forgot to answer your question. The new UI was made by MiniMage, you could find it on the skin section, also, there should be a zip file containing parts of the interface that will be manually pathed on the 'Game Interface'.

      Also how'd the model got 4.6MB?
    20. Lembidi
      Hi, add me on FB!!
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    Nov 27, 1995 (Age: 24)
    Current Project:
    Idk yet
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:


    Yahoo! Messenger:
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