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    Poking holes in sc2 logic!

    1) They can't. 2) According to lore, the zerg use massive space creatures called behemoths I think, which is what the overmind initially infested to leave the zerg home planet. Haven't found pics though... 3) hmm... Well the small nukes need ghosts to paint a target or they are extremely...
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    Clear Water

    Nice thanks a lot!!
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    Clear Water

    Right so I'm trying to make a map with see-through water, I heard you need to lower alpha except I have no clue how to do it, and I think it had to be done in JASS. Can anyone tell me how to do it? I'm also kinda new to JASS/scripting and have pretty much no idea how to use it, so go easy...
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    How do you do that? Your link is dead... Also on the subject, can you lower the height of units so they would appear deeper in the water?
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    No, like in deep water you won't be able to SEE the model IN the water. Is there a way to make deep water more clear, like shallow water? Otherwise it appears either as a shadow or above the water.
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    Awesome, doesn't show up in water though =/ Still, well done 5/5
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    Goblin War Zeppelin

    This is awesome, though imo it looks way too heavy to fly. Still, really well done model, 4.5/5
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) This tank is made of win.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) This tank is made of win.
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    Goblin super heavy tank "Revilgaz"

    O_O This tank is awesome! Great job! +rep
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    Keywords: research, techno, technology, tech, nerd, nerdy, nerds, pizza lol
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    High Detail Naga Myrmidon

    @Misha Yeah because you really will notice some extra fins and more detailed fingers. It's smaller that's really the only "noticeable" difference.
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    Small Village

    This isn't useless at all, it can be used to make a village a single building for maps like civ, WWIII, etc. I think it's a great idea, my only comment is that there should be more buildings and maybe small objects added to make it look more like a village. I give it a... 4/5
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    This is awesomness in a model, great job :D Someone has gotta do that skybreaker though, that would be incredible
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    Small Cage

    Is the chicken/rabbit/dog included in the cage or did you add those??
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    Gross Bug

    This thing makes me hungry...