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Solidus Blitz
Last Activity:
Mar 25, 2013
Aug 12, 2011

Solidus Blitz

lolwut., from ??

Solidus Blitz was last seen:
Mar 25, 2013
    1. noob
      You can have the same idea without having see the map
    2. Crazed_seal2
      How to kill leaks:

      Location/Point Leaks:

      call RemoveLocation(<Variable>)

      Group Leaks:

      call DestroyGroup(<Variable>)

      Those two are Custom Scripts

      What Leaks.

      Essentially most things that return a handle leak. Things like GetUnitLocation, unless set to a variable never get destroyed. The Warcraft 3 Engine saves the data even though it doesn't need to be.

      The amount of data over the maps playtime increases dramatically if leaks are not taken care of. They will start to lag the map and can eventually cause it to crash due to the immense memory consumption that the Warcraft 3 can't handle.

    3. eubz
      You may want to contact the persons here to review your maps. If you want to learn map making go here.
    4. noob
      also how many time does you developped your map. one year like me for my tavern fighting map or only one month the problem is generaly terraining for me i tried one time to realese my map and it was for bad terraining that he was removed not for scripts tavern.
      you are unoriginal the prove : this map peasant-wars-0-07b. If you have an idea check if no one made it before.
      If my ultimate quest were to have a map like your's I would instead make a new map than stealing it and why does you fear of beeing steal.
      your map is bad and have been rejected If I was a map stealer I would steal an ultimate map of doom 2
    5. noob
      Also I have already made a flight simulator with absolute height gestion
      and If you want to see my triguering see the code of tavern and of human war.
      I can remove the leaks I will show you what is a leak.
      a leak is an information who is not removed and take memory so if I create a point with center of loc this is a leak beacause the point does not disapear automatickly so we need to use a fonction for removing the point.units groups,players groups,effects,rects,regions,destructible groups and strings leaks.strings leaks and destructible leaks are not removable. but If you use two times a string this will leak only one time.for removing a leak you need to use a custom script exept for effects beacause there is an action for removing effects in grafical user interface so you see I know leaks
    6. noob
      If you talk of my map tavern I can say it is not a tavern system but a tavern fight simulation with trigered beer launch and same an alcoolism gestion also If you take tavern for a tavern hero selection system I can say I need to give another title
    7. noob
      Hello I can remove the leaks and help you devlopping your map peasant war the idea is funny but I think you will need many help to make this map original beacause there is already maps called peasant war where peons fight
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    Current Project:
    Peasant War
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Cult of the Damned
    I'm just bored.

    Thinking in a quiet space.
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