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To look inside of inside., from Florida

Not too shabby Sep 15, 2016

Siryan was last seen:
Sep 30, 2016
    1. Siryan
      Not too shabby
    2. Dr Super Good
      Dr Super Good
      In my 'Fall Down Deaths Sounds' trigger, it definitely needs to be converted from GUI to vJASS so it can process the GUI Wait times more accurately.
      Converting to vJASS will not magically make TriggerSleepAction more accurate...

      So far I have condensed the triggers you mentioned. I will work on the dynamic attachment point problem tomorrow.
    3. Dr Super Good
      Dr Super Good
      Fine, hows the map coming along?
    4. MasterTrainer
      I'm getting your PMs, but I am also working on a spell workshop, am also a team member of 2 projects, not to mention those two I am a terrainer, and also my current two projects and I'm really busy on finishing my system.

      Just give me more time. You'll get your results in about a week, just remind me daily.
    5. MasterTrainer
      Siryan, can you tell me what time it is at your place? So I can adjust my time table to answer your messages more efficiently.
    6. Imadori
      I updated it just before I gave it to you. It'll be useless if didn't.

      Seems like I didn't understand your statement very well, I thought you were just referring to the Z angle of the projectile. I'll do what I can do if you will just make it clear for me.

      The animation of the units, if I'm not mistaken? You just need some Object Editor knowledge to do that. I'll show you.

      My "coding skills" when I made that doesn't differ from what I have now. And just like I've said, I updated it so you can use it properly.
    7. Imadori
      Hey, have you already found a solution for the projectile system?
      I posted on your thread.
    8. MasterTrainer
      Okay I haven't fully read your PM but sure I can be of some help. I can make loading screens too.

      Oh and I like to make spells too.
    9. MasterTrainer
      Hey there; I notice you post a lot in the Forums, mostly regarding trigger problems. Do you mind telling me what you're working on? If any.
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  • About

    Home Page:
    Current Project:
    I am working on a map called 'Operation Pursuit [OP]'. It is a mini game/sports shooter featuring 12 unique heroes based on the elements, and a variety of explosive items and spells to use. Put short, it's a spin off of 'Archer Tactics' but without the one shot one kill. It is more in-depth than that.
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US East
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Scarlet Crusade
    Into artwork/writing? Visit me at: vicariousoul.deviantart.com

    I like to write, create works of art, the outdoors, and make WC III maps on the side.
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