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    This campaign was really ok, basic, but nothing special. Personally, i like campaigns with complex stories and plots and deep/profound characters. Well, your campaign lacks in this point. The characters and the story are a little bit boring, sorry to say that. What i liked the most is are your...
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    Escape The Demon Cinematic

    Lolz had to laugh a few times. Great idea, and: true story... haha. I suppose the terrain could be improved. Anyways, cool Map!
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    The Night Wish

    My God... can´t put it into words, what an amazing cinematic!!! It´s just perfect!! 5/5, end of the discussion! ;)
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    Pact of Vengeance

    Wow, this cinematic is damn good! Perfect use of music and sounds. Terrain and Doodads were good as well! Story wasn´t something new. The End surprised me though. Well, 5/5! :)
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    Final Frenzy

    It is short, indeed. Nevertheless, it is well made! Thumbs up! I think you managed it to create a perfect atmosphere in your video. Music, light, sounds (church bells ring) fit perfectly together. 5/5
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    The Ultimate Fight

    Oh - my - god. This was such an amazing cinematic... Just cant imagine how much time it took you to create this map. This map truly deserves this title! 10/10
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    The Nagarien Curse

    Good job man, got nothing to add, what really nice cinematic!
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    Murder Incognito

    Like this cinematic a lot. I think the AT&T voices do a good job, nothing to complain about. Its not that usual to make cinematics like this, thats what i loved probably the most. Cool cinematic, nice idea. 5/5
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    The Last Samurai-TSOS v1.11

    Amazing cinematic, the last part was definitely the best one! Thanks for creating and uploading this baby! 5/5 !
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    Monster Attack cinematic

    Pretty cool cinematic. I liked the helicopter scene!
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    Shadows of Teldrassil- Chapter Five

    Question: (year: 2016): Is there part 6 & 7 that you have promised to upload? I love this cinematic, but is there even hope for the last two part? However: Your Cinematic Series is amazing, thanks for working on that, THANKS!! 5/5
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    Shadows of Teldrassil- Chapter Four

    Good job, nice cinematic, amazing story, wonderful atmosphere. Again, i will be the first who rates this map. What a shame, such a wonderful cinematic and part 4 is unrated here on hive. 5/5! Great job!! btw one question: I havent seen so far part 6 & 7. Will there ever be these part? I hope...
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    Shadows of Teldrassil- Chapter Three

    Again, nice part. I just wonder why anyone hasnt rated this cinematic so far. Alright, i will be the first then... 5/5!
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    Shadows of Teldrassil- Chapter Two

    See my post in chapter one. This cinematic is amazing. 5/5!!
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    Shadows of Teldrassil- Chapter One

    Wow... i just have seen all five parts... Im impressed. This one of the best cinematics that i have ever seen. I like the plot, the story, characters. In my opinion, cinematics need good stories, and thats exactly what you achieved. There is nothing to complain about, this cinematic series is...