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    I need Dr. Strange models

    ahhh, how do you take a screenshot of a movie, and look at it?
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    I need Dr. Strange models

    I checked google, it doesnt have pictures of the newer Dr. Strange that I want made into a model, but its not that difficult to look for the movie online and watch it. By the way, Dr. Strange is a marvel character, like spiderman, the hulk, the fantastic 4, and captain america <a captain america...
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    I need Dr. Strange models

    watch the movie, unfortunately i cant get pictures of what i need because they have no pictures of Dr. Strange that are recent, at the last scene when Dr. Strange fights the fire guy hes wereing a cool suit i need a model of him with that costume, and all of the other characters
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    I need Dr. Strange models

    Ok I changed everything based on your advice, I hope that it is better now.
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    I need Dr. Strange models

    Someone please make Dr. Strange models from the newest Dr. Strange Movie. Im sure these models would be used a lot. Everyone plays tower defences and mauls, and a lot of people like role playing games. I want to use these models in an rpg type game that I am going to model after the Dr. Strange...
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    Leader Wars

    anything to say?
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    BTNbeam (Icon)

    A beam , my first hand made icon
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    BTNbeam (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    Something weird is happening in a map im making

    At first, models and icons show on WE, but now it wont show the models or icons anymore, it says error loading, but it works on wc3
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    Hi everyone im new- can someone help me?

    I need some help with the world editor