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Aug 20, 2011

Awarded Medals 4

April 10


Almost retired..., Male

Winter is here!! :) Dec 1, 2017

    1. Solu9
      Thank you for the kind words regarding my Concept Art thread! :)
    2. Misha
      Thanks :D
    3. GolluM_KoMe
      Thanks man ;)
    4. Sclammerz
      Yep, I learn so many things about just doing it. I'm actually thinking my concept to make another skin, Hehe.
    5. Sclammerz
      Hi, Sin. Did you receive my message? I'm afraid that I didn't successfully sent it to you, did I?
    6. Heinvers
      Thanks a lot Sin :)
    7. Heinvers
      That is awesome Sin ;)
    8. Orcnet
      Awesome, thanks man. Damn that artwork is nice :wink:
    9. Eagle XI
      Eagle XI
      Whatever, then im going to provide them from within a forum thread or someplace else ;p
      Btw has anyone ever told you before that white text with black outline can be read on any background ? Probably not considering the yellow font blends into the Lightning.
    10. Eagle XI
      Eagle XI
      "Before uploading a corresponding icon for another author's resource, you have to acquire that author's permission.
      If the author has been inactive for a period of 6 months and beyond, you can upload an icon without permission." Hmm, ok i see now. Somehow i skipped over past that segment whilst reading. For currently submitted lets shall ask available authors if they are ok with them, if not take down.
      "All Icons must have the original and standard borders to be approved.
      Button Manager can help you with doing this very quickly and easily."
      Hmm, i dont get this one, why is providing BTN and DISBTN not enough, as stated therein user can download and use Button Manager to make any variant that will be required for him.
      "Screenshot icons are allowed only in 1-1 ratio - one screenshot icon for each corresponding resource - and under the condition that you are the author of the corresponding model/skin/spell/item.
      If you miss to link your model as a corresponding resource when uploading your Screenshot Icon, it will be rejected.
      Note that corresponding models may be units as well as buildings and items."
      Hmm, i see now why the shortage in actually useful icons and why there exists an hundred thousand sword icons instead. Ofcourse im not the original author of any of these models.
      Well, atleast i tried to provide what i had...
      Go ahead and delete than not a big deal for me.
    11. Ardenian
      Thank you very much! :)
      I thought about a magical aura or something similar, but it tends to overlap the rose and therefore it catches too much attention, too.
      I like the sparks in the first image, I will try to re-create them and see how it looks.
    12. MasterHaosis
    13. Sclammerz
      Wanna see it? Here: [IMG]
    14. Ardenian
      Thank you! :)
      Do you have an advice or a tutorial for the sparks ?
      I searched for some, but only found the current solution.
      I would be glad if you could give me an advice if you know a better solution.
    15. Tickles
      Thank you!
    16. bisnar13
      Thank you bro :)
    17. Kwaliti
      Thanks! :D
    18. Ardenian
      Thank you!
      It took my literally the whole day to draw it, as I had to look on A LOT of roses to get their shading, how the light source enlightens the leaves and so on.
      I also used many tutorials I found after the ones you showed me, so thank you!

      Any suggestion about the sparks ? I am trying to find some matching, but no match up to now.
    19. Sclammerz
      Well, it kinda still lacking at this time but I will work on it more and maybe submit it? XD
    20. BLazeKraze
      But the devil fruits are from anime, so they are cartoonish..
      Look at these image .... If I draw a stuffs from anime, it's hard to make it too realistic ...
      Many people here are uploaded a cartoonish icons .


      you can't recognize what is it in the first place if you don't watch One piece, so One piece fans will know those also in the first place :)
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    April 10
    Current Project:
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Blood Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Blood Knights
    Just an ordinary blood elf arcanist who lives in Silvermoon city. That's it!

    (Feb5, 2014, 4:56 PM - Apr2, 2017, 4:05 PM) -I'm not dead yet! :p


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