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  1. So far, I only have the face done, the armor will be finished later on : )

    So far, I only have the face done, the armor will be finished later on : )

  2. Preview: New Skins

    Preview: New Skins

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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) really cute bubble shield of pure awesomenss :D

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) really cute bubble shield of pure awesomenss :D
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    I personally love it. its time for us females to girl up the Hive and make it a better place lol jk but seriously though, I like the color, I'm tired of seeing just "red" or a really gross shade of blue.
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) awesomely cute huts :D lol

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) awesomely cute huts :D lol
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    omfg ROFL I love this guy!
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    I like it : ) maybe add some shadows under his eyebrows? I know there is shadows under his eyebrows... but maybe move the eyelid area up a bit so it touches, or almost touches the eyebrow?
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    I like it : ) Just maybe desaturate the brickwork on the chimney(s) just a tad? Otherwise, its great!
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    love it!
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    *cough* implants *cough cough* ... nah I'm just jealous actually : ) lol I like the detail in her face though
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    Oooh, I like it! Could be a nice replacement for the arcane sanctum. Or maybe a "blacksmith" type building for the sorceress and the priest : ) 5 / 5
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    I like it : ) it makes that crappy ol tent look like a little cute hut. I like how simple it is. the idea to place them side by side like that in the world editor, like a row house, is a great idea : )
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    I like it, but the eyes are a little large, don't you think? And the top looks a little low cut. Maybe a nice ingame shot? I like the detail on the boots and gloves. It would be cool if the brown part of the skin was team color. 4/5 : )
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    This is just a simple terrain I made while I was bored. I was in the mood for something with snow, and mountains. Something that you would expect soft slow music, mostly involving instruments, something like Dun Morogh from WoW or something, to be playing in the background. With this set...
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    Project Recruitment

    oh mah god now I wanna buy SC2 when it comes out just so I can play this when it comes out lmao