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  • lol that's just simple texture change, and i'm workin' with in-game texture (it gives you a LOT lower model size 8D.)

    and oh... vertex modifier has a bug that of you use a coma instead of dot in your decimal system it will not work =/ so change your decimal system to use the dot

    example: 2,45 = bad 2.45 = good 8)
    lol.. i just read the whole previous mesage of yours..

    that what you want... exceeds the knowledge i have about modeling lol....

    for skin changes you need a texture extractor, something to covert it to tga and back to blp format and gimp or photoshop CS3

    making all those spines, spikes and what not.. lol.. will up the pollie-count of your model to epic levels and we DO NOT want that lol..... war3 models need to be as lowpoly as possible...

    and i don't know much about particles =/
    well... that's where the vertex modifier program steps in, my apprentince 8)

    models are made out of segments, called geosets. each one has his own place and use.

    well to find the geosets you need to put somewhere you first save all models that have what you want as mdl models and then work with the vertex modifyer program..

    experiment 8) it is fun that way 8)
    hehe.. told ya it's not easy 8)

    well in magos model editor you have the option to save something as a mdl or mdx file... mdl is the model editing file while the mdx is the finished model file

    besides, vertex modifier program can process only mdl files.
    tee hee hee my apprentince ^.^ magos model editor has something that is called "MPQ browser" or something like that activate that in the program and the rest is just double click.

    (note when you want to use different skin, turn that browser, find skin and right-click\use as texture option) then quickly save (program has some bugs but is neat)
    Well you also need to change file type,They are tga so they need to be anything else.
    You know there is a "print screen" button.When you press it in game it will take a screenshoot.Piocture will be placed in screenshots folder.
    I'll look into doing those triggers, but I have many things I need to do, so it may take a few days. Is that cool with you?
    Wah? Do you mean that there will be 2 heros with thing ability turning into 2 more?
    Hi there its going quite good though I haven't had so much time to work on it because of school <.< but when I have time I work on it xD

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    - Warcraft Most Wanted
    yes you know what i just saw you in thw chat i'm gunna go back there also sent a g-mail
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