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Last Activity:
Apr 10, 2015
Jun 25, 2010


Founder Of The North

Sifonseal was last seen:
Apr 10, 2015
    1. Cellesteel
      Hello i dont know if you will get this or not, But i played your FOTN game and i liked it so much i saw how it was uncompleted, i decided id try to learn how ot makem aps, and was hoping if i got ahold of yfou id be bale ot get the unlocked map to work on it! any adgvice would be nice, plus i need ot talk to you about some of the unfinished stuff
    2. Zekrom
      The exclusive content how to sign up for it
    3. weistheimer
      please dont give up on this project
      1. hypsandar
        Too late mate.
        Sep 11, 2017
    4. qq1587458539
      can i with you some talking? about <spice and wolf> and the best way for FOTN
    5. qq1587458539
      your FOTN is a perfect maper! I want to translate to the chinese, can you can you please upload a unprotected version of FOTN? Thanks very much!!
    6. Emazio
      Man can you please upload a unprotected version of FOTN?
    7. aetwit
      If FOTN is dead can you at least unprotected it i want to try and finish out some of the special units because i want to play THIS MOD! and not the half baked crap i have been playing.
    8. Kamil Hason
      Kamil Hason
      Hi Sifonseal! great job with Fotn, most entertaining map i've played so far. can i by any chance get a unlucked version from you? i would like to make few chances, but only for me and my friends.
      i wont upload anything i will make, but i'll gladly sent my version to you after i'm done working on it, in case you might find the changes good and maybe make them official. im not looking for credit or anything, just want to improve a great mod. would greatly appreciate it mate.
    9. IllidanTheBetrayed
      Update FOTN I cant wait for it, or is it a dead project?
    10. charbel75
      please upadte FOTN
    11. DraconicStorm
      I remember talking to you a few months ago, in a wilderness survival game, and you said you and Shade were still working on FOTN. Will there be an update, and how will we know? Or will an unprotected version ever be released? Even if you could just update the f9 and remove some of the outdated/not added stuff and fix the bugs, it would be great.
    12. fRea4ky
      Hey I'm really eager to find out will there be any new updates,some say yes some not...I'm a big fan
    13. 13byKnlght
      you havnt active for a long time and FoTN is not updated. Is that mean FoTN is a dead project now??
    14. lordxnow
      where is FOTN 1.25?
    15. runegun
      hey there. just came here to say dont give up, u guys made the best map i ever played. so please, continue the amazing job u guys did
    16. Tenebras Unum
      Tenebras Unum
      FOTN needs to be updated. It is a really fun map, I,m like most people just waiting for the next update.
    17. Deathwing_XXX
      Sitonseal is there an update in your map FOTN? The map is really awesome with the events and all.
    18. fishflakes19
      Please don't give up on FOTN...
    19. fishflakes19
      Please tell me, because I will stop waiting for nothing if you aren't adding any update. I really love your map but it's been months since the last update.
    20. fishflakes19
      Is there any chance that there is going to be an update released?
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor


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