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Jan 16, 2018
Apr 27, 2011

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Jan 16, 2018
    1. Aeroblyctos
      Yah, yah. Minor bug no need to fix it that fast. If major bugs then new version soon as possible.
    2. Aeroblyctos
      But I didn't do anything. X_x

      Or maybe something...
    3. Aeroblyctos
      Well now a bit too late just uploading the campaign and going sleep in 15 minutes. However I may create another minor version tomorrow for example if it's that bad.
    4. Aeroblyctos
      I haven't use the website for a while(is there any activity there?) I ask from Xarwin what's going on but I believe I need to pay for the website. I'm not sure if that's wise because I don't use the website right now. I will use it again when I start to update the campaign once again.

      Currently I don't have right now much freetime because of other things. Most of my free time goes writing the book + weekends I party with friends. So that pretty much leaves no time for the campaign. Also creative works needs a lot of dedication and time. As I have the book project it means it is even more harder for me to work on the campaign.

      Aaaaaaaaaaand it's pretty much impossible to have more than one long term "creative project" if you also have a job. At least I don't have girlfriend and I won't try to get one.
    5. Forsaken
      Thanks! :)
      And no, i'm still doing the campaign, but i'm busy with school.
    6. Aeroblyctos
      Yes of course a new site just for the book and sure I can give a lot of information about the book and the whole world. If you want, you could create a topic to TCO site and ask many questions as you like and I will answer. That way everyone can easily read my answers. You can ask just about anything.
    7. Aeroblyctos
      Would the death knights storyline be reflected in the book?
      -> There will be multiple books and definitely Death Knights will appear once again with Zylcious. In the first book they will not appear, as it is full of a lot of other stuff. I mean for example I will explain very closely Umnia, Gadezka, Saoloth and Balgaron countries and their own organisations. Also many new enemies will appear(Shadow Guild, Imperator ...). Death Knights will come eventually too.

      -> Axobada is very important character to the whole plot. He's will definitely come, as he's linked to Tharo, Zeemnan and Gheiz(main character of the book).
    8. Aeroblyctos
      Hey hey,

      Just writing the book. At the moment writing 13th chapter total of 26 chapters. It's a chapter where the company is at Gadezka. One of the biggest nations in Oelivert. After Gadezka they will go to Saoloth and then to Balgaron.

      I've been just writing the books. I've been thinking to finish chapter 10 of TCO but I've delayed it time after time. Hmm.

      What about you?
    9. Aeroblyctos
      I think I answered to you already but I don't know how you're able to buy the book yet. We'll eventually see. The story that I'm writing just goes few years back and it actually starts a lot of things. It is linked to the campaign very much and to next books after that will continue the story of the TCO. TCO is just the beginning.

      What I'm planning is something very big. Something like LOTR or some other huge fantasy worlds except my plan is go even beyond.
    10. Aeroblyctos
      Yea I check out when Paypall is online if I have money to pay the website.
      I'm writing every day a book that is linked to the campaign. I plan to finish the campaign some day. Maybe Christmas or maybe next spring. Or perhaps when the first book of the series is done.
    11. Aeroblyctos
      What? Where?
    12. Forsaken
      brazilian ?
    13. Aeroblyctos
    14. Aeroblyctos
      Reupload campaign? Why?
    15. jorokadilaka
      dude need to talk to you or mb make a game run together
    16. SpasMaster
      Here, the link below
    17. SpasMaster
    18. TxHiroxT
      grax, i see the "rune" XD, but are two, one with the code of the master's chambers and the Tablet R you know the use of this second tablet?
    19. TxHiroxT
      in the start of the aventure? o that monster?
    20. ShogunFromBrazil
      You have to find a rune dropped from the monster - the rune costs 180 gold - in this item you can read the password
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