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    What should be the next priority?

    D4 = abilities > new class > bfd
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    Autocast for Backhand (sugestion)

    Dumbing down Gaias is a very bad idea.
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    [Template] Unit responses for the hero classes

    Class: Magician Skin: Default Select responses: "I am just an ordinary wizard" "*cough cough* I am fine" "What do you want from an old man?" "Do you want to see some magic?" Pissed responses: "What?!" "I could turn you into a frog with a single move" "Stop bothering me!" "I have an idea...
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    Single Player

    its orpg bruh
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    Why expand the card if the card has reached the memory limit for the network

    He would have to implement game mechanics allover again which is less time-efficient than using map expander (which is one 0 kb file and all you have to do is place it in wc3 folder goddamnit)
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    any spanish update

    English is international language and makes life 10x easier. I think your friends should learn english :p
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    Need help with berserker.

    2x ap + crit dmg OR crit chance OR str Well, u said that you like big numbers :p (I am using full dps build and I am doing good)
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    Need help with berserker.

    If you want high numbers only you should change knights breastplate to furious cuirass. 2xap + cdmg/str/crate (i.e. 2xap + cdmg), those are best souls for zerker. (Flamebringer makes gameplay a little more interesting since it adds new active skill which deals pretty high dmg (and its polearm...
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    Flamebringer vs Executioner's Axe

    So I did the calculations on my zerker. I took 57 as average base dmg since it's 56-58. - 5 min fight - Skills only - 0% crit chance - Berserker's Rage Flamebringer: - 57 + 203 ap : 43550 total dmg Executioner's Axe: - 57 + 214 ap : 42682 total dmg PS. Keep in mind that 0% crit chance helps...
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    Announcement: Gaias final 1.2C(9) release and future Map Expander releases

    Yea zapper, additional 2xap skill is bad af xD
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    Bug Reports

    It's not singleplayer map. Moreover maxing your char while playing solo is possible.
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    How does Soulseeker stack?

    It is: x + x * 0.35 + x * 0.35 * 0.65 + x * 0.35 * (0.65 * 0.65) -> -> x * (1 + 1 * 0.35 + 1 * 0.35 * 0.65 + 1 * 0.35 * 0.65^2 + 1 * 0.35 * 0.65^3 + . . . + 1 * 0.35 * 0.65^n) - chance of first roll to fail - chance of second roll to fail - the general formula correct me if I am wrong Zwieb...
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    Is it possible to kill overseer with 3 players?

    well, bish/psion/zerker is way better comp than crus/sin/bish since seer is dps test
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    Is it possible to kill overseer with 3 players?

    You are going to lack dps on right golem since you have 2 physical classes.