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  • Hey Shanghai are our Pudge Wars Arena Project is Dead?
    did you gonna continue it or not?
    Shanghai do you have skype?
    We shoud make skype group it whoud be easyer to discus about the map......
    Did you read the comments of your map it is improvable give betters names to creeps,
    improve terrain (I am not the unique user to find terrain bad),Make blink not as powerfull,
    make roshan easier to kill because a player able to kill roshan can destreoy ennemy base instead in few time and balance items making an Linear Power/money curve
    dude I haven't even touch the boobs of your map! :p

    don't worry I'll look in to it, I'm also making a map of mine so I'll get the chance to make map reviews and you can just vm me instead of private messaging
    yet another
    Error 503 Service Unavailable

    Service Unavailable
    Guru Meditation:

    XID: 1324380802

    Varnish cache server
    It is forbidden what made Elite Slayer.

    One question about a... 03-06-2011 02:49 PM Elite Slayer Just returning the rep ;) Thank you
    I made an error in saying it were an fps it is an arcade shooter based on the very know tutorial.but I made it mpi, added two new weapons and made 6 new zoumbies
    If someone help you with something, you should at least say a fking "thanks"... Don't ask for help if you don't know how to thank it...
    I am sorry but that is a little too much work at the moment. I have a lot happening in real life so do not have hours spair to work on stuff like this.
    I don't see that spell leak, the first leak i found was in folder "(LotR-Mini) Creep System" where every trigger which starts with Move, leaks here: Set TempLoc = ((Center of creep spawn sentinel L2 <gen>) offset by (0.00, 0.00)), you need to store this: Center of creep spawn sentinel L2 <gen> in another variable. And now question why you set TempLoc to null after removing it? No need.
    Also when you create Special Effect you need to destroy it! If effect is not meant to be permanent then destroy it after you create it.
    Sounds leak too, after playing it destroy, no sure if right after playing it but you can check.

    Other then that all looks fine maps runs perfectly. Spell hook doesn't leak as you said, and others too. But i might be wrong, so if you're no sure where it leaks please tell me exactly where it does.
    Good luck with the project!!!
    Hey dude. Regarding this post, can you send me a copy of your map?
    Sorry for being angry before. My private messages were really full! :)
    Stop sending me PMs. I am serious. My fucking inbox is spammed. I'm not normally this fucking angry.
    You can find out yourself whether I am online or not. Find one of my posts, find my avatar, find below that, and there should be a light. If the light is fucking green, then I'm fucking online.
    It doesn't matter whether I'm online or not. You'll get your systems and triggers. And if you keep sending me so many PMs, I'm out of your fucking project and I'll report you.
    Here you go:

    Give money
    Time - Every 5.00 seconds of game time
    Player - Add 50 to Player 1 (Red) Current gold

    Play Sound
    Time - Every 40.00 seconds of game time
    Sound - Play BoneyardWhat1 <gen>

    If you want to play different sounds, just open up the sound editor and add the sounds you want to the list. Then they will appear in the trigger action.
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