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  • I don't think the color is configurable, I'll try it tomorrow. For the size yes that is configurable.
    That does mean you don't have world bounds.
    Do you use JNGP or the normla vanilla editor (The one installed together with wc3)?
    In order to compile vJass code, you need a JassHelper. JassHelper is integrated in JNGP.
    Mate !
    I got a problem.
    If I do the change you want me to do I'll have to recode every thing >_<
    And I don't have the time :(
    So sorry :/
    Ya :3
    I'll maybe start to look at the code this evening and fix it tomorrow while preparing my 31st ^^
    Hey, can you send me the latest version of your map if there is. Sry for the inactivity for so long. I'll finish it before new year.
    Hello :)
    You can change the tiles in Init-trigger if needed. No need to touch SlideSteer or TerrainEvent.

    Look in GSS Additive - folder for examples how to add/remove sliders
    In the zero second section, there is where I put the fog function. As for the hero glow stuff, I'll look into it.

    Edit: I look into impale, the impale only remove the glow when it gt fly up. When it land, the glow model will come bk.
    U go ahead n play with my noob AI :3 I just want you to review the terrain and skills of each hero :) give ideas too
    Dynamite.... change it into somethng fitting to LOTR theme or old style medieval theme like maybe Exploding Chemicals (it's a potion when throwed, same with yours, 3.2.1 and then it will explode with acid, damaging all units affected by it in a AOE and another continous damage.
    It's good to know you're going to make a Cave Troll Fight, here are some ideas:

    We all know that plain battle is boring so adding some traps and random triggered event could make it pretty much interesting, like at some points, dust would fall from above and then if you stay too long on the position, rocks will drop damaging you or maybe worse is killing you.

    Another idea is that maybe Cave Trolls could start like an armless beast but it can get materials from the battlefield to serve as weapon like how Stone Giant works, doing so, you would need an armless unit and then just adding the attachment upon getting the material.
    Sure I'll help you :) if you can post the game mods trigger then I might figure it out. I tried to open your map but it is protected.
    I didn't make map ^^
    I don't really have time :/
    I only became a vJASS guru ^^
    And created a workshop !
    Ah yes we're doing a map where I'm coder yes I forgot :)
    the last time i do it just the map we work together...
    now still looking for someone that need some beta tester or ideas :/
    maybe you want to invite me over again to play with your maps :D
    BACK now ;)
    Be quick before i get busy again
    (tell me everything u want to be added + send me the map)
    I deleted one of your threads. You are not supposed to have multiple threads with the same subject.
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