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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Good script and tried to helping me when i did something stupid. :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Good script and tried to helping me when i did something stupid. :)
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    Model Request!!

    Maximum polycount/filesize?
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    A Question: about starcraft modelling

    I know that, what i meant was haven't they announced that the "art tools" of SC2 will support max 8/9?
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    A Question: about starcraft modelling

    I thought blizzard hard announced that you could use 3ds max 8/9 and the poly count would be around 2k.
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    House5 (Model)

    Another house i made. Although it did not turn out like i imagined. Keywords: Doodad, building, structure, house, home
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    House5 (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Just tried scaling both the walls and the gate and they both works.
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    Bridge of Hope

    Its simple, turn on the grid to small so you get little box squares all over the map. Create a flat area where you can place the bridge. Now try to align it to one of the middle line grids, like this. After that just place invisible platforms in the middle of the bridge (can be found under...
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    Bridge of Hope

    Walk over it and receive the blessing of hope.. or something Yeah units cant walk inside it without the use of invisible platforms. Could do that so that people who wanna use that model can use that and the others who wanna use invisible platforms can use this. You mean like a fading...
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    I have added 2 wheels on each side to pull up the gate, but its hard getting a good animation with the chains and all. It will get updated sooner or later.
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    House4 If you still doubt me. To you all other, thanks for your comments. :)
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    Wont redo this model, at least not for a while, but i did a complete new model of the fable bridge, hope you like it. :P Have no deal with anyone. And thanks for your comments, makes me happy. :)
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    Bridge of Hope (Model)

    Archangel_Tidusx thought i should edit my other bridge model to make it look more like the bridge in fable. But heres a complete new model, tried to mimic the fable bridge as much as i could but still to have the same feeling as my other models. Hope you like it. Download the bridge in 2...
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    Bridge of Hope (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    3DS Max 9 Error.

    Update max to SP2. Download site