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    [Role Playing Game] Jade Adventure

    I added a video of my only game to youtube, I know its not much and I am not a big streamer but I like promoting visibility of the maps I enjoy. I couldn't find any video on Youtube so I hope this helps and good luck.
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    [Role Playing Game] Jade Adventure

    Well, I found this map by pure random chance and I was quite surprised with it. It has a lot of potential and very entertaining. I cant wait for more content to be released.
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    [Poll] What are you looking for in a custom campaign?

    I think many of the custom campaigns already show what people want and enjoy. The vanilla campaign is not bad but it really feels like a long tutorial... Most missions are quite repetitive and rarely we rarely get something out of the ordinary. What we want is something fresh, different here...
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    [Miscellanous / Other] OriginZ

    I Just had a chance to play this recently. Glad to see this is still alive and kicking even in reforged times. The map just outstanding and incredibly polished to an insane level of detail. What more can I say? As a fan of parasite2 or Metastasis this is simply all we could ask for... The...
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    Searching for "The Predator" creators

    You are wasting your time. Why? Because the creators of that map are long gone, its been 10+ years and God knows what might be happening in their lifes at the moment for them to be worried with warcraft 3. This is not new unfortunately, creators come and go. Sometimes they leave for some time...
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    [Miscellanous / Other] OriginZ

    Today I joined this by random chance in and... dude this is awesome. I am an old player of the Parasite/Zerg Infestation/Metastasis group and I can really appreciate the amount of effort here and how everything is so nicely polished. Awesome work also with the models/sounds everything...
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    Feels like alien the movie. A good idea for a quick game. Although I haven't tried it ( YET ) I think the game would feel slow due to the amount of time needed for the alien evolve making the crew go into a paranoia of team-killing spree, after all it's niffy and nowhere else to go :D
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    Hakkar The Soulflayer

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    Good&Evil getting a sequel? thats awesome. It was the one of the best single-player, if not the...

    Good&Evil getting a sequel? thats awesome. It was the one of the best single-player, if not the best (The plot was amazing in particular) I remember playing a few years ago. Best of luck with the project!! I can't wait to see it.
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    I just played you map in and Its such a pity the project was discontinued so long ago :(

    I just played you map in and Its such a pity the project was discontinued so long ago :(
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    [Strategy / Risk] Rise of a Realm : Kingdom Builder

    Another project from Marshmalo, I am hyper now. I can't describe the amount of entertainment I have enjoyed with your maps (special mention to LTF & Rise of the Vampyr) and your terraining mastery is just from another world. Best of luck with your new project!! I will keep an eye on it.
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    Damn that trailer was totally badass, I can't wait to play this again :D I miss the days when I had so much free time I could play stuff like parasite or metastasis every day.
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    Dark Orb

    I wonder if it would be possible to make it look like a rip in the fabric of spacetime for a scifi map, I must test it but I think the results will be good.
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    Heart of Storms: Resurrection

    From all the project I could see in Map Development Heart of Storms is definitely something I was not expecting. After all these years I am staying tuned on this to see how it goes. Best luck!!
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    Evil Arthas No Horse (MS)

    What about adding an extra ability to Arthas instead of Death Pact? I have always seen this as the most boring ability of the game. If death Coil could target Arthas for healing he could have an additional ability and since he has already a mini-rework I thought it could be a good idea.